Worldcoin releases new stable version of wallet

Source: Worldcoin Alliance

The Worldcoin Alliance is proud to announce the next major step in the History of Worldcoin.

After fixing some compatibility issues over the past 14 days, the brand-new and finally stable Worldcoin wallet version 1.0.1 - codename "Drunk Turtle" - has been released to the public just moments ago. This revolutionary wallet is equipped with features that are all about the enhanced flexibility on both the users' and the developers' side. Prior to that, a Bratislava based Subway franchise utilized Cryptodiggers' Android Payment Terminal to accept Worldcoin payments.

New wallet features paving the way for a prosperous Worldcoin future

Drunk Turtle is the first crypto-wallet ever to contain a user friendly configuration and update wizard. The "General Availability Upgrade System Service" (Gauss) allows crypto novices to easily initialize their personal wallet. Users will no longer need to update the software manually: Gauss regularly checks for changes and alerts the user as soon as upgrades are available. Within the scope of Gauss users also have the freedom to choose what updates to install (exception: critical system upgrades) and may subscribe to channels in order to filter the kind of updates he or she wants to receive. This feature has the advantage, that Worldcoin users can decide whether to try out beta packages or to wait for final releases.

Kevin Quasarano, one of the lead developers, proudly adds: "I am so excited about the new wallet 1.0.1! Worldcoin is the first crypto currency using QT 5.3 and an automated update system. The update system is simply amazing. It gives users the ability to update the wallet easily when new features are added. I am very happy with the dedication of the team and the community while developing this. I can't wait to see what new things the community will do the next!"

Gauss is the first feature provided by the brand-new application server "Pulzar" which has been coded completely from scratch. It enables the Worldcoin Alliance developers to provide wallet plugins without touching any of thehe vital core systems.

Bratislava: Subway sandwiches purchasable with Worldcoin

Recently the Slovakia based Cryptodiggers team revealed their new Android Payment Terminal app. It enables companies to easily accept Worldcoin payments (BTC & LTC also supported) with any smartphone or tablet device - no special equipment needed apart from an API account which needs to be set up at Store clerks just type in the price in US dollars or Euros and the app automatically calculates its equivalent Worldcoin value. It then generates a QR-code which has to be scanned by the customer to trigger the payment. The easy procedure was persuasive enough for a Subway branch in Bratislava to implement the app into their business.

Although Peter Bešina and his motivated team registered the company not long ago, they could already achieve substantial goals. CryptoDiggers shortly kicked off their online shop listing just over 5000 items (mainly electronics as well as appliances) and developed crypto-currency plugins for major online shop systems making it ever easier to accept Worldcoin, Bitcoin and Litecoin. A Subway branch adopting a CryptoDiggers solution underlines the importance of such easy-to-use systems and boost the teams' motivation even further, as Peter Bešina describes:

"I can finally use the Worldcoin Android wallet to buy something that is a touchable, physical object. Hunger came with instinct so I thought our POS system could end the days of furiously searching for loose change. It has been established at Subway (Parickova Street, Bratislava) where I go to eat quite often. I can't describe the happiness that went through my brain after I walked in and paid for first time! I bought a Tuna and Italian B.M.T sub with a chocolate cookie and my favourite drink Pepsi, with - of course - Worldcoin!" 

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