Gemplus delivers EMV microprocessor modules to JCB

Source: Gemplus

Gemplus International S.A. (Euronext: LU0121706294 - GEM and NASDAQ: GEMP), the world's leading provider of smart card solutions, today announced that it has started to deliver multi-application EMV smart card microprocessor modules in mass volume to JCB, the largest card issuer in Japan.

Gemplus will deliver the microprocessors over two years, enabling the deployment of Dynamic Data Authentication (DDA) cards in Japan. JCB has deployed the new smart cards from the end of July 2005.

The development of the microprocessors, designed by Gemplus specifically for this project, was certified in January 2005. Compliant with the latest JCB smart card specifications, these microprocessors enable international transactions.

The modules will be delivered to Toppan Printing Co., a strategic alliance partner of Gemplus in Japan, which receives the orders from JCB. Toppan Printing Co. will embed, personalise the cards and deliver the finished product to JCB. The cards will be equipped with JCB's own smart application, J/Smart. Additionally, the cards will contain the smart card loyalty application, "Plet's", which allows customers to exchange their points for premiums or discounts at participating retail outlets.

"As Japan's leading credit card issuer and an international brand, we have set a precedent in offering our customers a more secure way to make purchases, reducing the risk of card fraud. Gemplus has consulted us through each stage of development of this high-tech project, with the added advantage of a local partner who understands the market," said Kazuhiro Matsumoto, Executive Vice President & General Manager, Advanced Technologies Department, JCB Co.,Ltd.

"This partnership demonstrates Gemplus' ability to work with regional companies to develop international solutions, incorporating latest technology and specifications," added Akio Kondo, President and Representative Director of Gemplus Japan. "We enable financial institutions to provide interoperable solutions to their customers, so that they can feel more secure from fraud wherever they are in the world."

For some years now, Japan - especially JCB - has led the Asia-Pacific region's EMV migration, making it the second-most active region globally following Europe. In December 2004, JCB acquired one-third ownership in EMVCo, the standards definition organisation for EMV founded by Visa and MasterCard. JCB has an equal voice to Visa and MasterCard and the share in EMVCo allows JCB to accelerate the EMV-enabling of its chip cards.

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