Swift launches new browser-based interface

Source: Swift

Swift has announced new interfaces and connectivity enhancements that make all SwiftSolutions more readily available to its diverse user community.

Two new interfaces are being released that support both SwiftNet FIN and XML-based SwiftSolutions:

  • SwiftAlliance Messenger 2.0 provides manual message processing from a web browser-based environment.
  • SwiftAlliance Access 5.9 - which has been providing scaleable, automated back-office integration of FIN messages for 10 years - gets upgraded with XML capability.

When combined with the SwiftAlliance Starter Set - for which Swift announced a special promotion programme earlier this year - Swift customers have a comprehensive platform for enabling the entire SwiftNet single window: SwiftNet FIN, SwiftSolutions, market infrastructures and member-provided solutions.

Increased connectivity choices for a diverse user community
Swift continues to broaden the options for connecting to SwiftNet.

For smaller customers who want to manage their own connectivity and maintain a direct connection, Swift is preparing an alternative to its dial-up option: connection through digital subscriber lines.

For customers who prefer to outsource their connectivity, Swift is adding the member/concentrator model. This encourages larger members to provide SwiftNet access to new users, typically smaller institutions. The member/concentrator takes care of Swift administration, the connection to SwiftNet and the transformation of transactions into Swift messages on behalf of its end customer.

"Put these significant announcements together and you have a major transformation of our interface and connectivity line-up," comments Kosta Peric, director of interfaces and connectivity products, Swift. "The co-ordinated release of these initiatives aims to establish a comprehensive and affordable single window platform, from which all our users will be able to access the entire range of SwiftSolutions."

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