CLTX and Deutsche Börse announce real-time data agreement

Source: Cleartrade (CLTX)

Cleartrade (CLTX), the Singapore regulated futures exchange for commodity derivatives, today announced an exclusive worldwide real-time data agreement with Deutsche Börse Market Data + Services.

In this new relationship, Deutsche Börse Market Data + Services will distribute and market real-time CLTX exchange data for key commodity derivatives products traded on Cleartrade Exchange (CLTX). The agreement will extend to Freight Investor Services and The China Steel Index also provided by CLTX.

Bob Antell, Head of Market Data, CLTX, said, "Access to quality real-time information products are key to both our members and the wider financial market. We have continued to listen to the market needs of our members and constantly evaluate feedback from data distributors and financial application providers. This resulted in a new agreement which offers data vendors immediate access to our data products whilst keeping in place their current CEF and market data dissemination agreements with Deutsche Börse. We welcome the opportunity for further expansion and global reach for CLTX data that this relationship provides."

Georg Gross, Head of information, Market Data + Services Deutsche Börse said, "Deutsche Börse has one of the most extensive market data distribution networks in the world. We are pleased to work with CLTX on broadening the distribution and licensing of their key derivatives information products."

The data distributed by Deutsche Börse Market Data + Services can currently be accessed by over 480 global market data vendors and institutions.

CLTX information products are disseminated via Deutsche Börse's data feed CEF® Core, CLTX Market Data Service (CMDS) API as well as through information providers (vendors).

The Cleartrade Exchange Futures Market feed will contain prices of traded dry freight futures, agricultural and energy products and traded metal futures. 

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