Diebold debuts new branch transformation tech

Source: Diebold

Recent technological advancements have empowered consumers to interact with financial institutions (FIs) in multiple new ways.

Yet, the branch - compared with other banking channels such as online and mobile - still has the greatest influence on consumer satisfaction, according to the J.D. Power and Associates 2013 U.S. Retail Banking Satisfaction StudySM.

To help FIs deliver on the ideal branch experience with increased business agility, Diebold, Incorporated (DBD) is delivering new, flexible and smart branch transformation technology - the Diebold 9900.

Diebold's 9900 in-lobby solution provides the fast, reliable experience consumers want, as well as combining self-service and assisted-service functionalities FIs need to build better relationships and drive operational efficiencies. This shift will help FIs transform branches into environments that free up tellers to deepen account relationships and improve sales effectiveness. In addition, the 9900's core platform can help FIs deliver on its branch transformation and omni-channel software strategies.

"Diebold believes a critical path to accelerate branch transformation strategies is to drive adoption of self-directed technologies within the branch. The 9900 is yet another solution we have introduced this year that will help transform financial institutions' businesses," said Frank A. Natoli, Jr. , executive vice president and chief innovation officer, Diebold. "The 9900 gives consumers a choice as to how they perform their transactions, allowing automation and tellers to coexist in meaningful ways."

The Diebold 9900 helps FIs address a number of key business objectives, including:

Optimizing Consumer Experiences: The Diebold 9900 offers consumers a simple and seamless way to transact by leveraging some of the newest software technology. The 9900's future-ready, premium platform allows for cross-channel integration of a user's mobile device, the ability to connect with a teller via Diebold's Concierge Video Services™ solution, or effortlessly perform transactions such as check and cash deposits, withdrawals and balance transfers. This allows the consumer to be in control at all times.

In addition, to further protect sensitive information, the 9900's primary 19-inch touch screen display features a privacy filter to limit the visibility of on-screen information. A smaller secondary touch screen display on the lower work surface enhances privacy by displaying confidential information and transaction details on this more private screen. This secondary screen also enables greater accessibility for handicapped consumers.

Driving Efficiencies: Currently, tellers spend 63 percent of their time engaging with consumers, and of that time, the majority is spent performing routine transactions such as deposits, cashing checks and balance inquiries1. Diebold's 9900 has the ability to automate approximately 90 percent of typical branch transaction types, thereby freeing up staff time to foster deeper customer relationships with more value-added services to evolve the business. Furthermore, by migrating routine transactions away from tellers, FIs are able to reduce the overall cost per transaction.

Other features, such as Diebold's ActivRecycle™ technology extends availability by allowing consumer-deposited cash to be reused for future transactions. Financial institutions can also integrate tablet devices with the 9900, allowing branch staff to remotely monitor and interact with the FI's entire self-service fleet.

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