Thomson Reuters Wealth Management partners Mediant to deliver shareholder comms

Source: Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters, the world's leading source of intelligent information for businesses and professionals, today announced an agreement with Mediant Communications to provide shareholder communications for Thomson Reuters Wealth Management solutions.

Mediant is a leading provider of technology-enabled solutions for delivering and monitoring proxy, corporateactions, prospectuses, fund reports, bankruptcy notices and other communications between brokers and banks and their financial advisors, account managers and customers.

Thomson Reuters and Mediant Communications have collaborated closely since 2008 to integrate data flows forjoint customers and provide interfaces between Thomson Reuters Wealth Management platform and Mediant’s MIC (Management Information Center) database ofshareholder events, documents and account information. With this new agreement,Thomson Reuters is able to create greater structure and standardization with its shareholder communications capabilities on the Mediant platform.

“Shareholder communications is animportant component of the wealth management industry and Thomson Reuters iscommitted to ensuring that we remain at the forefront by providingbest-in-class solutions,” said Mark Schlageter, managing director, Go ToMarket, Americas, Thomson Reuters.

“Mediant has demonstrated that it is a preferred vendor for brokers and banks, with a faster-growing client base thanother industry participants and more forward-looking technology solutions. Our agreementmakes it easier for clients to wrap our products and services into a singleprocurement decision and compliance-monitoring environment.”

“As shareholder communications become more technology-driven with increasing emphasis on quality assurance andinformation security, Mediant’s focus on both operational systems development and end-user software become more attractive to brokers and banks and theircustomers,” said Arthur Rosenzweig, Mediant’s CEO. “Now we can add enhanced value to Thomson Reuters clients and their customers.”

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