Watchdata launches Sharkey wearable payments watch and wristband

Source: Watchdata Technologies

Watchdata Technologies, a recognized pioneer in digital authentication and transaction security, launched its first smart wearable device Sharkey™, with mobile payment feature, at CARTES Secure Connexions Exhibition and Conference.

Representatives from Singapore EZ-Link, EMKA Group and China UnionPay attended Watchdata’s new product launch, and unveiled this product at the launch.

Sharkey™ is a smart wearable device, with watch and wristband two form factors, supporting NFC payment feature. After being connected with android or iOS phone’s mobile terminal via Bluetooth, Sharkey™ can be used for contactless payment, including public transport (both bus and subway), supermarket shopping, and micropayments, such as China UnionPay. You can top up online easily and check your transaction history and balance anytime. In addition, Sharkey™ has call, message and task reminder functions, and with its built-in G-Sensor, it can function as a pedometer to keep track on your steps everyday. The highlight is, as an expert on digital security solutions, Watchdata deploys its self-developed high security system and integrates embedded secure element, making the product’s security level CC EAL5+.

“Sharkey™ is a fashionable wearable device supporting secure payment, and sport management, specifically designed by Watchdata for those who commute everyday and love exercising. We hope with Sharkey™’s secure payment function, we can offer a even greener and easier lifestyle for everyone”, said Mr. Jack Pan.

The year of 2014 is Watchdata’s 20th anniversary. At CARTES 2014, Watchdata will not only release its breakthrough Sharkey at the launch, but will also showcase its innovative products and solutions in telecom, banking and transportation: iSIMpass-SC, a SIM based payment solution designed specifically for iPhone series users, offers secure contactless services, such as micropayments, transport applications, banking payment, and access control for iOS users. SIManagement provides MNOs with a simple yet consolidated system for mobile numbers control and efficient sales channels management. WatchQRO, oneannels management. WatchQRO, one of Watchdata’s USB token series solutions, is customized for financial users. Without any keyboard inputs, users can complete the transaction easily via WatchQRO’s built-in camera, automatically taking and analyzing the QR-code. Elfopass, an alternative product form of standard contactless transportation card, includes a series of fashionable mini cards.

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