Sybase introduces trade lifecycle monitoring system

Source: Sybase

Sybase, Inc. (NYSE: SY), a leading provider of information management and mobile software, today announced its Sybase Trade Lifecycle Monitor solution, a ready-to-use application for monitoring all phases of the trade lifecycle including trade exceptions, SWIFT traffic, transaction counts and channel volume.

It eliminates risks and relieves financial firms of the dependence on manual processes for monitoring transactions and reactive responses to unacknowledged and urgent trades.

"Having control of trade operations and meeting the high demands of the capital market industry is critical for financial service providers," said Ian Warford, director of Financial Solutions Group, Sybase. "The Sybase Trade Lifecycle Monitor solution utilizes innovative technology to deliver a real time graphical view of the trade process to a web page or mobile device. Trade Lifecycle Monitor is essential in order to meet service level agreements (SLAs) with customers, optimize the trade process and reduce failed trades. As flow products become increasingly automated, monitoring of the trade lifecycle at a high level becomes increasingly important."

"As the pace of the financial markets increases it is increasingly important for brokerage firms, investment managers, and hedge funds to monitor their businesses in real-time," said Larry Tabb, founder and CEO of TABB Group, a research and advisory firm serving the financial industry. "Ensuring operational excellence, improving the customer experience and generating new revenue opportunities via innovative technology is what increases competitive advantages of financial institutions in the capital markets arena."

Sybase's Trade Lifecycle Monitor solution provides real time business activity monitoring (BAM) functionality with customizable dashboards. The solution gives a full view of active processes with alerts, message inspection, message monitoring, tracking, editing, and reprocessing capabilities. Sybase Trade Lifecycle Monitor solution enables organizations to bridge front, middle and back office systems and new web services-based applications in a common framework. This technology automatically routes, transforms and integrates trade lifecycle transactions, exceptions, trade volumes, transaction counts, channel volume SWIFT traffic and any other desired key performance indicators (KPIs) for display in real time to web portals, pagers, email or wireless devices.

Sybase Trade Lifecycle Monitor solution is designed for ease-of-deployment and ease-of-use. Its architecture leverages an enterprise's heterogeneous legacy systems to maintain low total cost and provides three unique advantages:

  • Sybase offers a single product solution providing a comprehensive set of functionality which compares favorably to alternatives that require multiple products.
  • Sybase offers the ability to create consolidated dashboards based on data from disparate legacy systems displaying a full view of key performance indicators.
  • Sybase offers alerts and notifications anywhere - including to mobile devices - enabling proactive responses to problems before they have a chance to impact the business.

About the Sybase Trade Lifecycle Monitor Solution - Sybase's Trade Lifecycle Monitor provides a complete graphical dashboard of the entire trade lifecycle and customer service level agreements (SLA's). The solution enables, front, middle and back office personnel to monitor operations in real time. Tracking of Key Performance Indicators such as trade volume, number of exceptions, real-time bottlenecks and SLAs enables the business to respond quickly to any operational issue, mitigating risks and improving customer service.

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