GoSwiff launches mobile card reader

Source: goSwiff

Mobile commerce and marketing services innovator goSwiff launched today its new Duo + card reader, which features compatibility across all smartphones and tablets.

With the ability to connect seamlessly to any mobile device with both Apple and Android operating systems, the Bluetooth-enabled card reader is set to eliminate one of the most common frustrations for merchants who rely on being mobile.

“Many of our clients have faced a challenge with the card readers that are plugged in using audio jack; when the audio jack port location changes with the new mobile phone models, the usage of a card reader with fixed audio jack plug is no longer convenient”, says Eric Laurent, Head of APAC, goSwiff. “ With goSwiff Duo +, the merchants do not need to worry about that any longer as the Bluetooth reader is physically connected with a sticky patch to any mobile device.”

The goSwiff Duo + has all the features a merchant today is looking for with a card reader:

• Sleek design: Mobile card readers are increasingly focusing on the importance of aesthetics, and Duo + has a sleek, compact design with the built-in sticky patch connecting it to the device.

• Compatibility with all payment cards: goSwiff Duo + accepts transactions from all the major credit cards, and its combo reader also works with many types of payment methods. The 3-track magnetic stripe and smart card reader takes both swipe & sign and chip & sign payments.

• Durability: Being constantly on the move means merchants need a solution that is mobile and robust enough for their needs. Despite its sleek appearance, Duo + features a rugged design that can withstand the physical demands of a mobile business.

In addition to the durable case that has been designed to stay securely fastened to the device, Duo + has been extensively drop tested. Add to this a life span of three years, and you have a device to stand the tests of time.

• Certifications: Duo + is not only PCI PTS certified but comes also with the non-PCI certified version, a great advantage for those customers who want it to be PCI PTS or not.

• Security and authentication: Layers of payment security technology has been embedded into Duo + to protect both merchants and their customers. Compliance with the latest security standards means that card transactions are closely guarded against fraud.

goSwiff Duo + is available for preview at CARTES Secure Connexions event for global payment professionals and technology experts in Paris, France.

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