ADS Securities taps Acuity trading to launch sentiment tracking tool

Source: ADS Securities

ADS Securities, the Abu Dhabi's leading independent forex trading company has today announced it has introduced a new cutting edge sentiment tracking research tool for its clients.

Provided by Acuity Trading, who specialise in using big data to inform trading decisions, it can provide real advantages to investors who want to know more about the underlying mood of markets.

ADS Securities clients will, at the touch of a button, benefit from the instant analysis of millions of blogs, news wires and social media which are relevant to their investment strategies.  In addition to the technical and fundamental information already available they can track the real strength of feeling behind the headlines and make their decisions based on worldwide sentiment.

“With the launch of our OREX trading platform we are at the forefront of technology within the FX industry, so partnering with Acuity Trading is an obvious move for us, said Iskandar Najjar, MENA MD at ADS Securities.  “This is the first time that big data sentiment analytics has been made available to online traders in such an accessible and user-friendly way.  In simple terms it allows our clients to take on the views of millions of people and look beyond the headlines.”

Acuity’s products enrich online trading experiences through the use and creation of custom indicators, available via charting applications or display widgets.  By allowing traders to view in real time the emotions of the market, traders can improve their risk management or devise new trading strategies that take into account the actual mood of the market.  As Andrew Lane, Managing Director of Acuity, commented: “If you can understand how the investment community is feeling today, you can more accurately define what will happen tomorrow.”

He went on to say, “ADS Securities is an innovator in trading technology and we look forward to helping them develop new tools that will help their clients find unique trading opportunities.  We are immensely proud to be working with ADS and look forward to pushing further on new ways in which to incorporate big data into everyday trading.”

To start taking advantage of this next generation data tool, simply sign up and open a trading account with ADS Securities, and access the liquidity, pricing and service which has made ADS Securities the leading brokerage in the Middle East.

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