integrates with Bitfinex trading platform


Bitcoin trading platform, has unveiled a partnership with Bitfinex. The partnership will allow traders to enter leveraged BTC-USD positions on Bitfinex's order book.

Deeper integration is planned for the future. Traders can use’s platform to access Bitfinex’s high levels of liquidity in an easy-to-use interface. Additionally, Bitfinex users will see further liquidity improvements with the arrival of traders from

Following a successful soft launch, full trading capability along with data charts are immediately available.

In total, trades can now be placed on three exchanges within the trading platform. 

Instead of selling and buying in a traditional exchange,’s trading platform allows traders to enter long or short positions without having to worry about finding a buyer or seller to match their order.  In effect, Traders are able to place orders immediately to market, and benefit directly from the rise, or fall, in the Bitcoin price.

"We are extremely excited about partnering with Bitfinex and allowing our clients to access a larger pool of liquidity. Our professional Bitcoin Traders are continually demanding better access to high volume markets and our team has been able to deliver upon their requests." said Joseph Lee, co-founder and CEO of

“Our traders will love accessing Bitfinex’s $280 million monthly trading volume.  Additionally, Bitfinex’s commitment to regulatory compliance makes the partnership a logical choice.

“At we are serious about providing our traders the best platform possible. We truly believe this is a win-win partnership for not only and Bitfinex, but also for our traders.”

Josh Rossi, Vice President of Business Development at Bitfinex, adds, "We love being able to empower innovative startups, like, to do what they do best: interact with their customers.

"Together, with access to our very deep pools of liquidity, and innovative enterprise-level features, we think that this will hopefully help them to expand very rapidly."

Over the past thirty days, Bitfinex users have traded 851763.66 BTC, which equates to approximately $280 million at the time of writing.

Integrating with Bitfinex is a demonstration of’s ambitions to accelerate growth and create a source of liquidity within the Bitcoin financial ecosystem. As a Bitcoin-only trading platform, where all deposits and withdrawals are in Bitcoin, can achieve global coverage easier than traditional exchanges.

“We fully intend to utilise the advantages Bitcoin offers to international businesses” remarks Joseph Lee.  “This is also good for our global traders, who are no longer excluded from trading Bitcoin on the basis of their geographic location”.

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