Xenomorph integrates Python scripting language into TimeScape

Source: Xenomorph

Xenomorph, the analytics and data management solutions provider to global financial institutions, announced today that it has integrated Python scripting language into the TimeScape solution.

Python has been rapidly growing in popularity as a programming language in financial markets, due to its inherent maintainability, conciseness, portability and its integration with other programming languages such as C and C++. In addition to the extensive numerical and financial libraries available for Python programming, developers are able to quickly iterate new ideas and shorten development cycles through this scripting language. The integration of Python provides developers with access to validated gold copy data, real-time data and analytics managed in TimeScape, opening out data management into the fields of decision support and data analysis across front, middle and back office.

"Python is a powerful scripting language that is used by a number of Xenomorph’s clients in back testing trading ideas and the prototyping of analytics. We are very excited to offer this new way in which gold copy data validated in TimeScape can be accessed in Python," said Naj Alavi, Managing Director, Xenomorph Americas. "Quants, risk managers, IT and operations staff all have their preferred ways and environments for working with data and our aim is to open up the benefits of data management to all users and departments, encouraging greater data transparency, higher data quality and lower costs in data use and re-use."

The integration of Python builds upon Xenomorph’s recent initiatives in data management with the TimeScape Data Validation Dashboard, and combines gold copy data creation with the analytics and BI capabilities of TimeScape’s connections to R, Matlab, Aqumin’s AlphaVision and Microsoft’s Power BI. TimeScape’s connectivity to Excel, its SpreadSheet Inside technology and these latest interface initiatives continue Xenomorph's approach to maximizing the benefits of data management throughout the enterprise.

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