Ingenico releases Telium Tetra for fully integrated payments

Source: Ingenico Group

Ingenico Group, (Euronext: FR0000125346 - ING), global leader in seamless payment, today unveiled its new comprehensive global offer, Telium Tetra, creating a fully integrated commerce ecosystem around the Point of Sale

Today, consumers want a fast, simple and secure purchasing experience whether they are in store, at home or on the street, whatever the device or technology. All this increases complexity for merchants eager to build a unique consumer experience to secure sales as soon as consumers have made their purchasing decision, increase conversion rates and offer value added services that support their brand promise. 

With Telium Tetra, Ingenico Group launches a fully integrated commerce ecosystem where secure payment and an open world of business apps join, to enhance consumer experience and further create value for customers. 

Telium Tetra encompasses the following features:

  • The new Telium Tetra Operating System,
  • A new range of terminals: desk/lane/move,
  • Access to 2500+ Payment Applications,
  • The Estate Manager platform,
  • The Marketplace of merchant and consumer oriented apps (couponing, loyalty, digital marketing, cash register, …)

Building on the solid foundations of Ingenico’s Telium architecture, the new Telium Tetra Operating System combines 30 years of expertise in secure payment with the power and flexibility of web HTML5 technologies for the development of rich business applications. 

Embarked in the new range of EMV/NFC native terminals, this new OS will be able to host both secured acceptance applications and an open-world business apps interface. Banks and merchants will also be able to easily manage and remotely update their estate during POS life cycle, through enriched functionalities available on the Estate Manager platform, including provisioning, connectivity, security or maintenance. 

Leveraging on Ingenico Group’s comprehensive portfolio of 300+ payment methods, merchants will be able to accept all payment methods and devices, be it a card, a wallet (such as ApplePay or Google Wallet) or QR code payment.  

Lastly, Telium Tetra will give merchants access to a wide range of third party business apps, enabling them to boost their activity and create new in store customer experiences. Available on the newly launched Ingenico Marketplace, these apps are being developed by local and international partners such as DigitasLBi, iMobile3 or Black Label.

After more than 30 years of pioneering innovation, we are very proud to continue to lead the POS industry with Telium Tetra, our fully integrated commerce ecosystem which reveals the full potential of terminals as a new point of interaction where merchants can actively engage with consumers“ said Philippe Lazare, President and CEO of Ingenico Group. “Deploying new added value solutions in store has always been a challenge with legacy systems. Today, we open a new era for our POS world, relying on the agility and pace of light web technologies, for the benefit of our customers. Ingenico Group is uniquely positioned to empower commerce thanks to this fully secure bridge between payment acceptance and web business Apps.

It's very important to look across the consumer journey using coupons, loyalty programs and other mobile marketing strategies, not only to ensure increased engagement,” says Sheryl Kingstone, senior analyst at 451 Research. “The industry finally understands the consumers’ need for value-added services to improve mobile consumer engagement, and this in turn will result in mobile payments to garner broader adoption.

W3C has just launched a new activity to extend the Open Web Platform to address the needs and concerns of the Web Payments industry," said Jeff Jaffe, W3C CEO.  “Having Ingenico Group and other W3C Members bring their business experience and use cases to the work will help us ensure the success of future Web standards.

Testimonials from Ingenico Marketplace partners


Convergence of physical and digital environments becomes a reality for commerce of all sizes, and the launch of Telium Tetra is a key milestone in this perspective,” said Vincent Druguet, Chief Marketing & innovation manager at DigitasLBi France. “With our new “in-store Review” application available on the Ingenico Marketplace, we give merchants real-time access to consumer reviews, to solve the showroom effect problem and increase in-store conversion rates.


We are very pleased to expand our partnership with Ingenico Group beyond iBeacon initiatives. With our PassMarket mobile storefront available in the Ingenico Marketplace, we’ll accelerate the deployment of our solution beyond 100,000 merchants’ current locations,” said Bob Leonard, CEO of iMobile3. “Making our apps directly available on terminals fulfills our partners’ wish to enable merchants to create a new and enhanced consumer engagement experience attracting new customers while increasing retention and frequency of visits.

Black Label

Convinced by the capacity of Ingenico Telium Tetra to enable merchants to revolutionize consumer experience, we did not hesitate to make our NomadPOS application available to the Ingenico Marketplace,” said Dale Corrigan, founder and CEO of Black Label Solutions. “The Ingenico Marketplace will provide banks and key stakeholders with the ability to help merchants in the growing adoption of in-store business and consumer oriented applications such as mPOS apps.

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