GlobalOne smart routing now available to all clients

Source: GlobalOne

GlobalOne, a division of Pivotal Payments, a leading provider of merchant services and global payment processing solutions, today announced wide release of its Smart Transaction Routing engine.

This rules-based engine, now available to all merchants using the GlobalOne gateway, is designed to improve profits and identify cost reduction opportunities by intelligently routing transactions to the most cost-efficient acquirer, increasing authorization rates and minimizing risk.  

Benefits of GlobalOne's Multi-Currency Global Payment Technology and Smart Transaction Routing engine include:

  • Connectivity to over 130 worldwide networks and banks with a single integration.
  • Optimizing interchange, allowing merchants to qualify for lower rates as often as possible.
  • Better managing transaction traffic through multiple jurisdictions for ease of entry into new markets.
  • Automating volume throttle between merchant accounts, ensuring it never exceeds the limit permitted by the processor.
  • Multi-currency pricing with access to over 60 foreign currencies and alternative payment options.
  • Providing international clients with a local shopping experience, for improved client satisfaction and loyalty leading to less shopping cart abandonment and repeat business.
  • Reducing losses associated with potential cardholder fraud.

The acquiring platform will allow merchants to localize in different countries or regions, with the routing rules assisting in better managing transaction flow. Merchants can configure the Smart Transaction Routing engine and apply rules in real-time, allowing them to track results and further tailor them to their needs. Rules can be combined with a unique setup for multiple MIDs, ensuring ultimate customization. GlobalOne's Client Solutions experts will work with existing and new customers to create and adjust smart routing rules, ensuring fast and reliable implementation.

"We're excited to launch our Smart Transaction Routing engine across our entire client base, providing unprecedented value along with our other global ecommerce solutions," s ecommerce solutions," said Patrick Huynh , Head of GlobalOne. "GlobalOne has helped card not present merchants successfully grow their market presence worldwide, and in the process has significantly improved their revenues."

Patrick Huynh , along with other executives from GlobalOne and Pivotal Payments are exhibiting at this year's Money20/20 event in Las Vegas , from November 2 to 5 , at booth 703.

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