NanoSpeed releases latest Nano-Risk FPGA

Source: NanoSpeed

NanoSpeed, the provider of ultra-fast FPGA solutions to the trading community, today released its latest Nano-Risk FPGA for the CME.

With a latency of sub 60 nanoseconds the product is the new benchmark for fastest pre-trade risk checks. Nano-Risk is fully compliant with CFTC's Concept Release on Risk Controls and System Safeguards for Automated Trading, SEC's 15C3-5 regulation and ESMA's guidelines on automated trading.

Sanjay Shah, CEO of NanoSpeed, said: "For all our clients speed is of critical importance, especially in trading, but reliability is equally important: we've reduced the latency to under 60 nanoseconds, but without compromising our reliability." He adds: "Our CME-certified pre-trade risk management is the ideal solution for investment firms offering SDMA (sponsored direct market access) and trading venues; a global investment bank has just signed up with us to do pre-trade risk checks on orders from its SDMA clients on the CME. Nano-Risk is an excellent fit for proprietary trading firms, statarbs, hedge funds and SDMA brokers wishing to take advantage of the substantial speed benefits and functional enhancements provided by moving the risk management and normalisation functions to the FPGA."

Uniquely, NanoSpeed uses the aerospace development model as the basis for its design and testing. Nano-Risk, used for pre-trade risk management in automated trading and HFT, is the result of some of the industry's best FPGA engineers, quant traders and financial markets specialists combining their talents to build the most efficient and reliable FPGAs available in the market today. Although NanoSpeed's Nano-TG (FPGA Trading Gateway) already offers instrumental pre-trade risk checking, Nano-Risk provides extended functionality and is compliant with key North American and European regulations.

NanoSpeed has now successfully completed the CME iLink TestSuite and passed the CME AutoCert+ certification.

Investment banks, proprietary trading firms and hedge funds use NanoSpeed solutions to gain a competitive edge in trading, market data processing and risk management. NanoSpeed has a deep understanding of the business, regulatory and operational requirements. Its technology provides optimised connectivity, combined with exceptionally low and deterministic latency to more than 30 exchanges, across all asset classes. 

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