Co-op Bank rolls out Blue Prism business processing software at customer service centre

Source: Blue Prism

The Co-operative Bank plc has contracted with Blue Prism Limited for the implementation of the company's business process automation software, Blue Prism Automate.

The software will be used by the bank to automate a number of highly manual day-to-day processes within the bank's customer service centre operation, such as direct debit cancellation, account closure and CHAPS payments. As part of its focus on delivering excellent customer service, the Co-operative Bank has initially identified eight, customer-related processes to be automated, with a project completion date set for October 2005.

Excellent customer service is paramount at the Co-operative Bank and the company regularly reviews its internal processes in order to continually improve the customer experience.

Joanne Masters, Business Systems Manager at the Co-operative Bank explained, "We'd seen Blue Prism technology in operation, identified the opportunities it would bring to the Bank and decided to conduct a feasibility study to automate one of our more complex processes within the collections and recoveries division. Having successfully automated this first process, we were confident that the Blue Prism technology could handle the automation of many of the bank's processes. Our next step was to identify eight processes, where the business case for automation was high – where there was both a high level of manual intervention and a high number of people managing the process. In our business plan, we expect to move up to 30 FTEs away from manual processing and into customer facing activity."

To date, the Bank has automated three of the eight processes and has identified a number of benefits so far as a result of the project, including: Improved levels of customer service have been achieved, with staff spending more time dealing directly with customers and less time on administrative tasks; the Bank's approach to its customers is consistent, with fully documented and auditable processes ensuring that customers are always dealt with in exactly the same way for each process; Service Level Agreements can be maintained and guaranteed, and as a result of mapping processes in order to automate them, the Bank has re-engineered and refined many of the underlying procedures, ensuring that each process has been challenged and improved before automation begins.

Commenting on the project to date, Joanne Masters said, "The project has a short development and delivery window and must produce tangible ROI during this financial year. We've been delighted with the progress made to date by the Blue Prism team. Their professional approach and the speed with which they grasped our complex processes has given us the confidence to both re-engineer and automate eight of our business critical processes in such a short space of time."

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