First Global Credit launches investment tool for bitcoin owners

Source: First Global Credit

First Global Credit announces the launch of the world's first professional investment service that bridges the gap between cryptocurrencies and global stock markets.

The service launch will take place at the Inside Bitcoin Exhibition, Las Vegas Monday the 6th of October. The website, makes it possible for those who have mined, purchased or received Bitcoins in payment to maximize the potential of their holdings by using them as security on investments in a selection of over 100 world-wide stocks as well as a dozen global stock markets. This is the first of five major service launches planned for 2014-2015, and the first of many investment options that will become available through First Global Credit over the next few months. 

"The mainstream investment community discriminates against holders of digital currencies because of fear and a lack of knowledge," says Gavin Smith CEO of First Global Credit. "Because we provide a way for clients to invest in world-wide stock markets without the need to first exchange Bitcoins for Fiat currencies, we are helping to establish a capital market which will have a stabilizing effect on the digital currencies themselves," continues Smith.

The challenge of managing stock movement together with cryptocurrencies volatility has limited new ventures in this market. But the founders of First Global Credit have decades of experience trading and managing hedging strategies for market leaders operating in the unpredictable world of professional commodity trading. "We follow a Direct Market Access (DMA) hedging strategy where no client's trade is filled until a hedge has been automatically placed in the underlying market," says Smith. This is one of many strategies that makes it possible for First Global Credit to prosper regardless of volatility. "The trade management strategies we use have proven extremely profitable even in illiquid or volatile markets and we are going to replicate that success in the alt currency markets."

"There are many people that mined Bitcoins early on and have been holding them waiting for them to achieve their potential but with nowhere to invest them," says First Global Business Development Director Marcie Terman. "Our goal is to combine the benefits of digital currencies and mainstream markets, giving our clients investment options but without the endless layers of fees and obscure charges levied by traditional banks, mutual funds and unit trusts.

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