EFront upgrades Pevara

Source: eFront

EFront, a leading software provider of financial solutions for managing alternative investments, is pleased to announce the latest enhancements to its Pevara SaaS-based solution for private equity investors.

The performance monitoring and benchmark analysis platform now includes enhanced valuation and performance reporting for general partners, as well as a powerful ad hoc reporting engine. General Partners facing challenges with benchmarking, analysis, and reporting will benefit greatly from the new version.

In order to optimize investments in their portfolio, GPs need analysis tools that will help them look across the portfolio, from many different perspectives, and deliver consistent and accurate results. Further complicating this task, the needs of different parts of the firm can vary, creating a heavy load for centralized reporting desks. Organizations find themselves under increased pressure to put end user-focused analysis tools into the hands of their business users. Pevara's pre-built reporting library, real-time filtering capabilities, and ease of deployment make it ideally suited to helping GPs analyze their portfolio data.

Pevara adds portfolio analysis capabilities for general partners with heavy back office operations and multiple systems for storing data, but no central single source for reporting. Within these organizations, servicing the demand for quarterly investment performance analyses requires a significant investment of time, labor, and governance, and is further complicated by the need to service ad hoc requests. Pevara provides a self-service solution for simplifying all of these tasks, with capabilities that include:

• Valuation, portfolio and performance reporting and analysis
• Dynamic filtering and analysis with real-time slicing and dicing
• An extensive chart of library of key performance analytics: IRR, Money Multiples, TWR, Private and Public Fund Level Benchmarking and much more.
• Standardized workbooks for the due diligence process
• Multiple data upload options, from back offices or Excel™

Pevara puts key analytical tools into thanalytical tools into the hands of business users across the GP organization. For all users, Pevara increases operational efficiency through simpler, easy-to-access analytics and reduces operational risk by reducing dependence on Excel™-based modeling and reporting. For investor relations and fund raising teams the new Pevara updates enable on-the-road reporting, as well as mobile pitch-booking. Non-Finance users can also self-service, which lowers the support burden across the organization.

"We're excited to bring this updated version of Pevara to market," said John Ellsworth, VP of Product Management at eFront. "The new capabilities will help our customers capitalize on the data at hand, increase their quality of service, while also improving their operational efficiency." 

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