GlobalPlatform appoints Bruno Benteo systems comittee chair

Source: GlobalPlatform

Standardization body, GlobalPlatform, today announces that Bruno Benteo, Vice President Innovation at Morpho Business Solutions Division, has been appointed as its new Systems Committee Chair.

The GlobalPlatform Systems Committee defines open specifications that can be used for the back-office infrastructure for the deployment and management of one or more embedded applications on secure chip technology. The group works to create an industry and technology neutral application management environment which is able to support all market requirements, with specific support for secure chips based on GlobalPlatform Specifications.

Within his role as the Systems Committee Chair, Bruno will drive the ongoing work of the group to develop an end-to-end simplified framework. The document provides guidelines to service providers to streamline the service management process by outlining how key industry specifications such as those developed by EMVCo, GSMA and GlobalPlatform, can be used to implement a comprehensive end-to-end configuration relevant to each market sector, such as payment, transport and healthcare. The framework, which incorporates the secure element (SE), mobile application and mobile messaging specifications, will ease the deployment of secure near field communication (NFC) services in an effort to reduce implementation time and cost.

"The Systems Committee published the first release of its end-to-end framework last year," comments Bruno. "The initial document focused on contactless payments in response to a demand for an accessible deployment framework that eases deployment and promotes standardization of this ecosystem. My first priority as chair is to release an updated version of the framework, which addresses both the payment and transport sectors."

Over the next 12 months Bruno will also lead the Systems Committee's efforts to advance the GlobalPlatform Compliance Program to certify the functional behavior of a product against the requirements outlined within the end-to-end framework. In addition, the Systems Committee is developing an end-to-end testing program, which tests all elements of an end-to-end solution including the SE, handset and point of sale, to ensure that an application can be securely deployed in a mobile handset and perform for the end user as specified.

In addition to its end-to-end framework activity, the Systems Committee's Messaging Specification for the Management of Mobile-NFC Services will continue to play a major role in streamlining communications across actors in the ecosystem. The document, which defines the roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders within the secure value added landscape, supports the management of SEs over-the-air and over the internet.

"We are delighted to welcome Bruno as the Chair of our Systems Committee," comments Kevin Gillick, Executive Director of GlobalPlatform. "Morpho has been a longstanding member of GlobalPlatform and has significantly contributed to the work our of our committee and task forces. With Bruno's 20 years' experience in the secure chip market and his extensive technology expertise we believe that he will serve the needs of our members and Systems Committee well."

At Morpho, Bruno is responsible for managing product-based solutions primarily for mobile tools. He oversees innovation in a division which focuses on the SE, the way it communicates with the backend system and how to protect the messages, rights and identity of users. 

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