Digital Insight to deliver TriCipher multifactor authentication technology

Source: Digital Insight

Digital Insight Corp. (Nasdaq: DGIN), the leading online banking provider, announced today it has entered into a strategic partnership with TriCipher, Inc., a leading innovator of strong authentication technologies, to help enhance online banking security.

The latest partnership supporting Digital Insight's comprehensive security offerings, Multifactor Authentication is designed to help banks and credit unions seamlessly protect their users and administrators from various forms of online fraud by strengthening security at login with a multi-part credential for each user.

"Digital Insight is committed to helping ensure the security of online banking for our clients and their users in a convenient manner, and strong authentication has emerged as one of the most important steps in protecting against Internet-based electronic fraud," said Scott Mackelprang, vice president of security and compliance for Digital Insight. "The Multifactor Authentication solution we have chosen can significantly reduce the threat of current online concerns such as phishing, pharming and other unauthorized user attacks, while still providing scalability to address the potential security concerns of tomorrow."

Multifactor Authentication from Digital Insight meets the diverse needs of the Digital Insight client base. Client financial institutions can implement a customizable, user-friendly version of TriCipher's robust strong authentication system and still maintain enough flexibility to create different authentication levels that match application, data or user risk. The baseline solution enhances login security beyond username and password by storing a second factor of identity authentication on each user's PC that helps prevent fraudsters from impersonating legitimate users. Depending on the level of security desired, a financial institution can elect to incorporate additional layers of strong authentication from users in the form of challenge questions and temporary passcodes, downloaded software modules, USB memory tokens, or other methods of identity verification.

"Flexibility and cost have long been critical issues for middle market financial institutions seeking the security of strong authentication without significant change to existing infrastructure," added TriCipher CEO Ravi Ganesan, who formerly served as Vice Chairman of CheckFree Corporation. "We have worked with Digital Insight to develop a customizable solution that meets the specific needs of their customers and believe this partnership will provide significant, user-friendly protection to their clients and end users."

"Digital Insight continues to provide the critical capabilities, solutions and security services our client financial institutions need to compete and win in the marketplace," said Digital Insight Chairman, President and CEO Jeff Stiefler. "We are pleased to partner with a leading anti-fraud technology provider like TriCipher and look forward to working with them to help our clients deliver greater peace of mind to users."

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