Shoreditch startup Centtrip offers 14 currencies on a single pre-paid MasterCard

Source: Centtrip

Introducing a whole new dimension to FinTech travel money, banking and payment card experience; Centtrip is the world's first prepaid MasterCard to offer 14 currencies on a single card at 'spread-free' exchange rates.

The B2P pioneers at Centtrip are disrupting the market and challenging the traditional providers by taking financial services direct to the most powerful game-changer of all: the consumer.

Based in the revolutionary forward thinking Shoreditch, this company is set to shake up the way other financial firms contribute to the consumer. The pioneering entrepreneurs at Centtrip are set to redefine our financial future.

Managed on the go via smartphone app or online through a multi-currency travel account, Centtrip is set to change both the corporate and consumer space with refreshingly transparent and fairer pricing, alongside effective and intuitive account management. Centtrip is the only prepaid MasterCard in the world to offer 14 currencies on 1 card at live currency market rates; GBP, EUR, USD, HKD, AUD, NZD, CAD, Danish, Norwegian and Swedish Krona, JPY, CHF, ZAR, PLN.

The multi-currency travel account and its online management platform provides businesses with a fit for purpose solution to the time-consuming and potentially costly management and reconciliation of international business travel expenses. For the individual traveller and particularly international property or yacht owners, the account provides peace of mind and substantially reduced costs in managing their assets and travel costs. Centtrip have not reduced the cost of foreign exchange, they have removed it completely by giving their cardholders the very same rate of exchange at which they buy their currency - spread free.

Centtrip have created a business which is profitable but whose ethos will always be customer-centric. Which simply means they demonstrably give more for less; more money, more control and at more destinations worldwide without hidden unnecessary costs.

The inspiration behind Centtrip are three of the founders of two of the UK and Europe's most successful foreign exchange brokers. With 20 years at the forefront of the financial markets in the City of London, the, they are rightly considered specialists as well as a respected entrepreneurs with a flair for successfully challenging convention. Demonstrating a real passion for the forex market and drive for fairer more transparent access to rates and services for business and consumers alike, they are already leading the way for a positive change in the travel sector.

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