SciVantage launches performance reporting software for retail investors

Source: SciVantage

Scivantage®, a Global FinTech 100 technology provider of information-enabled software dedicated to transforming complex information and processes into intuitive user experiences for the financial services industry, announced today the release of sqope™, performance measurement and reporting software that transforms the online investment experience with dynamic portfolio analytics, crowd-sourced social analysis, and intuitive, visual dashboards tailored to the retail investor.

Investors are increasingly demanding that financial institutions provide better access to tools and services that allow them to more effectively manage their investments, and the risks associated with today's volatile markets. With sqope, financial institutions can offer investors a unique, personalized view into how their investments are performing and provide actionable, data-driven insights for better investment decision-making. Offering real-time performance updates and easy-to-understand metrics, sqope allows investors to take a proactive approach to managing their investments, while bringing together the flexibility of online access with timely, accurate data for greater investment transparency.

"Given the uncertainty of today's markets, it's understandable that investors want increased transparency and a clear picture of their investment health, especially as it relates to the overall market or compared to investors with similar interests," said Cameron Routh, Executive Vice President, Corporate Development of Scivantage. "Investors shouldn't feel left in the dark about the answers to these questions. sqope demystifies performance measurement, providing investors with a real-time view into what's driving portfolio performance, allowing them to assess performance through different lenses and to make meaningful adjustments so they stay on course with their investment goals."

sqope delivers a wide array of portfolio performance measurement tools and intelligent investment analytics that are designed to help investors gain greater clarity around investment performance, including:

Performance Measurement - Access to deeper levels of performance return information for individual or groups of portfolios at various levels such as security, sector and asset class
Social Analytics - Unique 'People Like You' feature leverages crowd-sourced analytics to allow users to compare their investment performance and strategies against like-minded investors
SciQTM Insights - Data mining algorithms deliver optimized portfolio insights and trade ideas
sqopeTM Score - Proprietary investment score measures how investors are doing within designated risk parameters
Attribution Analysis - Configuration controls and custom benchmarking make it easy to compare performance against meaningful insight markers
Dynamic Rebalancing - What-if analysis and risk statistics present reallocation scenarios that can be seamlessly executed through the firm's order entry process

sqope leverages Scivantage's extensive experience integrating and enriching data from leading back offices and proprietary systems, coupled with intelligent reconciliation to ensure investors have access to the most accurate and up-to-date portfolio information.

"Financial institutions have traditionally reserved performance reporting for institutional and high-net-worth clients due to the high costs and complex data processing requirements associated with satisfying a broader client base," said Routh. "sqope removes these barriers, allowing brokerages to scale efficiently, while enabling them to deliver a higher level of client reporting and investment transparency, regardless of a client's asset level. As a result, sqope helps firms capture a greater share of wallet and build longer-term client relationships."

Tailored to meet the needs of each of our clients, sqope seamlessly integrates with any brokerage investment portal, including Scivantage InvestorTM, offering more personalized performance reporting online.

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