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Source: Jack Henry & Associates

Jack Henry & Associates, Inc. (Nasdaq: JKHY), a leading provider of technology solutions and payment processing services primarily for financial services organizations, announced today the availability of jhaEnterprise Workflow™, the fully automated workflow solution that streamlines and standardizes financial institution-defined business processes involving multiple steps, individuals, groups, departments, and systems.

jhaEnterprise Workflow supports virtually any process that can be performed with a series of consistent steps. It automatically routes assignments based on established credentials, permission levels, and staff availability while enforcing established approval processes. Automated workflow supports immediate updates to business processes which expedites the ability for financial institutions to respond to evolving regulatory requirements with the ability to immediately update impacted business processes.

jhaEnterprise Workflow generates material operating efficiencies; reduces operating redundancies, costs, and risks; improves staff productivity; and reduces labor requirements. Automating complex business processes with jhaEnterprise Workflow reduces time-consuming, labor-intensive, error-prone manual tasks and the redundant data entry historically required for those tasks. jhaEnterprise Workflow also enables financial institutions to enhance customer and member service and responsiveness with streamlined and more efficient business processes and the ability to make better-informed and timelier decisions.

According to Paula Chesbrough, executive vice president and chief information officer for Massachusetts-based Eagle Bank, "Our bank decided to implement jhaEnterprise Workflow because it offers an opportunity to create material operating efficiencies within our existing infrastructure. With jhaEnterprise Workflow, we can quickly refine and automate established processes, move vital business and decision-support information throughout our bank, heighten awareness of important and pending requirements, and expedite approvals. We have significantly reduced the time it takes to complete multi-step processes with the ability to consistently deliver the appropriate information to the appropriate banker and seamlessly enable any banker, department, and location to perform individual components of each task. The automated email notifications are extremelyy beneficial and keep everyone involved in a specific process informed while generating an audit trail. Now that we know what jhaEnterprise Workflow can do, we have an extensive list of processes to design and automate."

Beth A Redden, document management director for Virginia-based First Community Bank, said, "The most compelling benefit of jhaEnterprise Workflow is the out-of-the-box integration with our Synergy Enterprise Content Management™ system. The ability to pull key information from our Synergy ECM system to facilitate internal business processes is top-notch. The amenities of the product provide ways to streamline and automate manual intensive processes and increase collaboration among departments with email notification. We plan to continue workflow development tailored to our specific business needs."

According to Mark Forbis, chief technology officer for Jack Henry & Associates, "We are excited to introduce this contemporary solution because of the material benefits it can deliver to our bank and credit union clients. jhaEnterprise Workflow is an end user solution that seamlessly supports diverse operating environments, evolving business processes, and multiple products and services. In addition to supporting virtually any business process, jhaEnterprise Workflow automates document and report workflow through full integration with our Synergy Enterprise Content Management™ platform. Its standard integration framework and aggressive development roadmap will continue to integrate additional complementary solutions and automate their respective workflows."

jhaEnterprise Workflow will be sold to the core bank and credit union clients supported by Jack Henry Banking® and Symitar®, respectively, and to the financial institutions outside its core client bases supported by its ProfitStars® division.

Jack Henry & Associates also provides implementation and best practices consulting services for financial institutions needing expert assistance with refining business processes and establishing automated workflows to perform them. 

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