CryptoCurrency Analytics Company launches trading platform for virtual currencies

Source: The CryptoCurrency Analytics Company

The CryptoCurrency Analytics Company (CCA), a multi-exchange trading service for virtual currencies, today announced the launch of its institutional level algorithmic trading platform. This automated platform lets institutions and qualified investors discover unique arbitrage opportunities in the virtual currency markets in real time.

Using proprietary trading software that interacts at the fastest speeds available with multiple cryptocurrency exchanges, the platform continually searches for arbitrage opportunities

amongst the most liquid venues. It compares those opportunities to historical averages and user-defined thresholds and executes these profitable trades automatically. Current exchanges available on the platform include Bitstamp, BitFinex, BTCe and Kraken.

Notes Ron Quaranta, COO of CCA: "This is an exciting time to be participating in the marketplace for virtual currencies, and this launch is our first step towards making our value proposition available to the global financial services community. We are offering a robust platform that allows sophisticated traders and institutions the opportunity to participate in the growth of the virtual currency markets. Our roadmap will continue to expand upon the offering and its capabilities over the coming months".

Adds Aaron Zirker, CEO of CCA: "The progression of cryptocurrency trading has always arched towards use by the financial professional, and as this new asset class grows, it will continue to mirror the capabilities in the current established financial markets. As the industry develops, we plan to bring our high performance and reliable trading engines to Bitcoin and its peer cryptocurrencies, as well as apply both established and unique trading strategies over these engines. This is an exciting launch in some of the most liquid markets currently available for both Bitcoin and Litecoin."

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