Visual Trader adds trading strategy generation system to platform

Source: Visual Trader

Visual Trader, a BME subsidiary that develops and operates order routing and market access systems, has reached an agreement with the Spanish innovating start-up Qubitia to integrate its trading model generation system into the Visual Trader platform.

The main feature of this system is that it allows market participants to create, test and monitor their trading algorithms by using a flow chart graphics editor (Qcaid) without requiring users to have programming skills. In addition, the system facilitates compliance with ESMA's guidelines on trading algorithms.

The integration with the Visual Trader system will enable users to test models simulating real market conditions, as Visual Trader's Market Simulator incorporates factors such as spread, priority of execution, liquidity and market impact. As a result, the difference between the results obtained in these tests and the performance of the model under real market conditions is minimal or zero.

The trades and orders sent by the algorithms will be integrated into Visual Trader's terminals, so that users can monitor them. In addition, Visual Trader's Risk Management System will also oversee the models' operations as if they were a trader's.

The overall system will be able to create and execute strategies on the Spanish stock exchange (SIBE -Smart), the Spanish derivatives market (MEFF), the German stock exchange (XETRA), the German derivatives market (Eurex) and the Euronext markets. 

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