Australian and Singapore exchanges to boost market connectivity

Source: ASX

ASX today announced that customers in the Australian Liquidity Centre (ALC) and on ASX Net in Australia can now connect to the SGX Co-Location Data Centre in Singapore via ASX Net Global, ASX's international low latency network.

The service allows ASX customers in the ALC or on ASX Net to connect to SGX brokers at the SGX Co-Location Data Centre and receive market data from SGX. Customers in SGX's Co-Location Data Centre have been able to connect to the ALC via ASX Net Global since September 2012.

The interconnection expands the range of international products and services available to customers in the ALC and on ASX Net, Australia's only dedicated financial markets network. ASX and SGX are cooperating to reduce the cost and technical barriers to accessing global capital market flows.

Mr David Raper, ASX's General Manager of Trading Services, said: "The seamless linkage of the financial communities within the ASX ALC and on our network, ASX Net, to the SGX Co-Location Data Centre, provides convenient and cost effective connectivity for ASX and SGX customers. The simplicity of this extended connectivity makes ASX Net Global a great option for our customers wishing to expand into Asia."

Ms Tinku Gupta, Head of Market Data and Access at SGX, said: "This collaboration between ASX and SGX offers ASX customers convenient access, fast connectivity and cost-efficient reach into our market place. As an exchange that provides a wealth of Asian Derivatives products, we are pleased to extend our services to the Australian customer base and we look forward to providing our new customers with access to our range of contracts and an ability to tap opportunities in the region."

The ASX Australian Liquidity Centre (ALC)

  • The ALC is a purpose-built, state-of-the-art data centre providing ALC customers with a range of communication, execution and information services including the most secure and fastest possible access to all ASX liquidity - ASX Trade Match, Centre Point and ASX 24.
  • The ALC is positioned at the centre of Australia's financial markets, housing and connecting a broad community of users in one financial marketplace. It facilitateal markketplace. It facilitates cost savings by aggregating a full range of services to achieve economies of scale.
  • There are currently more than 85 customers at the ALC including international investment banks, Australian brokers, market makers, proprietary firms as well as data vendors, software and system vendors, and all major telecoms carriers.
  • The ALC provides co-location services and data centre space to customers, allowing them to place their infrastructure (such as trading equipment and related technology) in cabinets within the same physical data centre as the ASX and the ASX 24 primary matching engines. This provides clients with efficient access to market data and trade execution on ASX and ASX 24 markets. 

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