PayLane moves into mobile

Source: PayLane known for focusing on providing global online payment services is now expanding its offer with mobile payments solutions.

Last month during a Mobile Fair, PayLane has pre-premiered all available solutions and gathered feedback from business owners and developers. And is now officially launching mobile payments.

PayLane GO! Mobile Application

PayLane clients can now take advantage of the first version of an Android application PayLane Go! This application enables users to sell their product or service in any place. The only thing needed to make a transaction is a smartphone. Sellers do not need to have a terminal, card reader, etc. The payment in its entirety is finalized within the app itself.

How does this work? A PayLane client downloads the free PayLane GO! application in the Google Play store, after logging in products/services that you want to sell can be added. This can be done at any time, prices can differ from those on your website (this comes in use when the seller wants to offer a discount for purchasing directly from him). Once your customer is ready, card data is filled in, the customer then accepts the purchase and that's it! All these transactions can be controlled in PayLane's merchant panel where you can also send an invoice to your customer. The payment form in the application is available in four languages: English, German, Polish, and Spanish. This application comes in use for those who travel a lot and have customers beyond borders. Using the PayLane GO! application is free

Create your own mobile application

For businesses that build or already have their own mobile applications PayLane has created app libraries and array of Android and iOS codes to help integrate payment methods and selling into the application. Customers will no longer need to leave an application in order to pay for their purchase.

How do payments in applications work? An example of an application that uses PayLane's mobile app libraries is the Vemma application. Clients are no longer redirected and can just tap away with ease to placce a new order, it works just like a purchase in a store! Clients choose the amount of product orders they want to purchase, pick a payment method, enter payment details and simply click buy. 

Mobile Shop

For businesses that already have a website or store in a mobile version, PayLane has prepared a responsive payments form. This solution customizes to fit a customer's device, with all the desired payment methods in place. The seller doesn't need to integrate special solutions for smartphones and tablet users. If a store owner wants to keep customers and bypass redirecting, PayLane is offering a way to integrate through API. Owners can learn more about API and what their developers will need to do in the DevZone.

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