Harland Financial reports Ultradata core processing contracts

Source: John H Harland Company

Nine credit unions have signed up for the ULTRADATA System for core processing in the last six months.

This continued expansion of both Harland's in-house and service bureau delivery shows strong demand for the technological advances of both options. The ULTRADATA System is provided by Harland Financial Solutions, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of John H. Harland Company (NYSE:JH).

New customers who will utilize the ULTRADATA System in-house for improved credit union performance include: North Coast Credit Union in Bellingham, Washington, with $115 million in assets; Nutmeg State Federal Credit Union in Rocky Hill, Connecticut, with $280 million in assets; and United Health Services Credit Union in Spokane, Washington, with $70 million in assets. These credit unions utilize multiple solutions from Harland and Harland Financial Solutions, including the customer relationship management suite of products, mortgage origination and servicing solutions, Harland checks, and maintenance for an enterprise-wide approach to improving business.

California Agribusiness Credit Union in Buena Park, California; HealthEast Employees Credit Union in St. Paul, Minnesota; Kitsap County Public Employees Credit Union in Silverdale, Washington; Northwest United Federal Credit Union (FCU) in Arvada, Colorado; Richmond Federal Credit Union in Richmond, Virginia; and Shell Southwest Credit Union in Long Beach, California, will all utilize the ULTRADATA System in its service bureau delivery through Harland Financial Solutions' Enterprise Services Center in Des Moines, Iowa. Northwest United FCU is also a current Harland customer utilizing the hardware maintenance services of Scantron Service Group.

Loren Dickinson, president and chief executive officer of Nutmeg State Federal Credit Union said, "The ULTRADATA System is extremely user friendly and will enhance the efficiency of our credit union. We also anticipate the new system saving time for our employees with automated processes and reporting." He feels the openness of the system easily will allow the credit union to add new products and services in the future. Dickinson commented, "Throughout the selection process, it was apparent that Harland's people were interested in becoming our business partner, not just our vendor. This approach made our staff extremely comfortable with the system and the company."

Fred Rose, president and chief executive officer of United Health Services Credit Union, described the ULTRADATA System as "a great technology solution." He believes it has a strong reputation and was impressed by the strong presence in the Pacific Western region of the country. "After reviewing multiple providers, the ULTRADATA System was clearly the best fit to meet our credit union's long term strategic objectives," said Rose.

"Credit unions continue to take advantage of our technological advances in both in-house and service bureau flavors of the ULTRADATA System. We want to improve the performance of our customers and are able to do this with our open and integrated enterprise approach to delivering our solutions," added Raju Shivdasani, president of Harland Financial Solutions' Core Systems Group.

The ULTRADATA System is offered in both an in-house and service bureau environment with more than 400 clients utilizing the solution. Harland Financial Solutions' state-of-the-art data center provides service bureau clients with complete data protection, uninterrupted service and information technology support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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