Generations Credit Union goes live with MobiBranch tablet app

Source: Generations Credit Union

Generations Credit Union is ready to take the branch to its members by opening their first mobile branch.

By partnering with TRG Mobilearth Inc, Generations is going live with the tablet-based MobiBranch app, which will enable employees to get out of the branch to complete branch forms, open new accounts, and help members with loan and mortgage applications on their members' schedules, wherever they happen to be.

"MobiBranch will help us get into the community and increase our brand awareness to members and non-members alike," said Maurice Green, Finance Officer. "Our employees will be where they are, and they'll be accessible to anyone who could make use of our services. We see trends in both people's increasing desire to make the switch to credit unions, as well as decreasing interest in branch visits, so this is a way to help them out without forcing them into the branch. The unbanked will also benefit from this, too, as our employees can go mobile and help them with their banking in any situation."

MobiBranch is a digital, paperless solution for all banking needs. "The fact that the entire process is completely paperless, from the initial account selection all the way down to the final application signatures, fits right in with our organizational philosophy and goals to be an environmentally friendly institution. It will also help streamline our processes as we won't have to worry about printing and signing multiple copies of every document," added Maurice MobiBranch also features mobile payments, credit checks, and a live collaboration module to allow mobile employees to work virtually with their colleagues in another location. The smartphone app adds a complementary piece, allowing employees on the go to acquire signatures and prospect information among other features. Tia Lee, CEO of Mobilearth, added: "We're always adding new features to MobiBranch to help our clients help their members. It's exciting to have new partners add their suggestions for improvement, so we can grow the app along with their member base."

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