Eastern Asia Commercial Bank deploys Juniper firewall system at ATM locations

Source: Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ:JNPR) today announced that Eastern Asia Commercial Bank (EAB), one of Vietnam's leading banks, is deploying the Juniper Networks NetScreen-5GT best-in-class remote office firewall/VPNs at each of its ATM locations to deliver secure and assured WAN connectivity and VPN access between its central office and ATM locations.

By providing the ability to centrally manage each NetScreen-5GT firewall/VPN, the Juniper Networks solution enabled EAB to reduce the complexities of deployment and setup, while keeping total costs of ownership at a minimum.

"Network-based intrusions and other threats have increased in Vietnam, as they have throughout Asia Pacific," said Mr. Cuong Do, EAB. "As a responsible financial institution, it is imperative we implement the most stringent security measures at all levels of our business, including our communications infrastructure. We have now completed evaluation of the Juniper Networks NetScreen-5GT solution and are scheduling its implementation for all of our ATM locations."

The Juniper Networks NetScreen-5GT series are cost-effective, integrated firewall/VPN security appliances for enterprise remote sites and telecommuters. The products offer integrated Deep Inspection firewall, VPN, Denial of Service protection and antivirus functionality with enterprise-level performance, high availability and network segmentation capabilities, rapid deployment, and resiliency features. The NetScreen-5GT ADSL also provides a backup dial-up modem, so EAB can retain connectivity even in the event of outages in the broadband network.

"As a leading financial institution, EAB is very committed to the security of its customers and their financial records," said Ha-Huy Hao, country manager, Vietnam, for Juniper Networks. "By deploying the NetScreen-5GT, EAB gains the connectivity they require, while ensuring their network and their customers' information remains secure."

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