Entrust launches e-mail content monitoring system for financial firms

Source: Entrust

Entrust, Inc. (Nasdaq: ENTU), a world leader in securing digital identities and information, announced today the availability of its email content monitoring solution for financial services institutions.

Included as core functionality are email risk assessment, real-time monitoring, flexible implementation, secure delivery, and archival and forensic support. Driving the need for this unique offering are a myriad of corporate and regulatory requirements including Sarbanes-Oxley, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, and VISA CISP.

Customer, corporate and financial data are critical and strategic assets to financial institutions. Of special importance are an institution's brand and reputation, and the trust and loyalty that brand projects to its customers. Regulatory fines and sanctions along with lost customer data can result in reduced customer confidence and a weakened competitive position in the market. As recent media outcries around lost customer and partner information reflect, securing communication and data is critical to enterprises and organizations, and may soon be required by U.S. federal law.

"The leaking of confidential data is a long-standing problem that is receiving increasing attention from regulatory agencies and the news media. Data leaks can expose enterprises of all types - not just government agencies - to serious regulatory, public-relations and financial risks," said Rich Mogull of Gartner, in a February 2005 report. "Enterprises that deal with sensitive data - particularly financial and health information - should implement an appropriate content monitoring and filtering solution."

Email is the most widely-used vehicle for information and document sharing, accounting for the vast majority of corporate communication. With email serving as the foundation for both internal and external communication, organizations need an effective means to monitor, remediate and secure this real-time flow of information.

"Based upon the experiences of many of our customers, we found that a common practice around email monitoring involves manually reviewing emails, essentially scanning a small subset of all messages," shared Kevin Simzer, Senior Vice President at Entrust. "This presents two key problems. First, when a violation is found, the message has already been sent, and the enterprise suddenly finds itself in damage-control mode. Second, this form of monitoring leaves the majority of messages un-checked. As a result, enterprises, especially financial institutions, need to consider a solution that performs real-time content control for all messages leaving and entering the enterprise in order to stop violations before they occur."

Entrust Entelligence Compliance Server (ECS) provides real-time content analysis and transparent enforcement action for all email traffic, including attachments, thereby providing the ability to return, re-direct, or seamlessly encrypt information. ECS contains pre-established corporate and regulatory modules designed to help meet corporate and regulatory policies and requirements, in addition to a powerful toolkit. The Entrust Entelligence Content Analysis Toolkit allows developers to rapidly add sophisticated content analysis capabilities such as automated categorization, concept tagging, concept extraction, and natural language-based concept searching to their applications. Customers and partners are currently using the toolkit in applications such as document management, CRM, archiving and forensics.

"Entrust recognizes that many enterprises are not in a position to properly and fully assess their email status. In order to better serve our customers and lend them the benefit of our expertise, we offer an email risk assessment that is designed to evaluate an organization's level of risk and exposure, and identity areas of concern," added Simzer.

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