Powa Technologies ships POS platform

Source: Powa Technologies

On the heels of its widely acclaimed introduction of PowaTag and tremendous retailer approval of its 360-degree commerce strategy, Powa Technologies continues its rollout of groundbreaking retail solutions with the introduction of PowaPOS, the next generation in retail Point of Sale.

PowaPOS is the physical retail component of the company's vision of enabling commerce online, offline, and everywhere. Powa is demonstrating PowaPOS at the Electronic Transactions Association TRANSACT 14 in Las Vegas, April 8-10, 2014.

The PowaPOS platform features an industry-first and multiple patent pending all-in-one tablet-based POS system, along with the world's smallest EMV-ready card acceptance device, universal tablet OS support, and an advanced Server and POS Software Developer Program.

"We handed a new playbook to our team of retail and payment industry veterans with over 250 years of combined expertise, and challenged them to undo the shackles of how it has been done for 30 years and bring payments into the 21st century," said Dan Wagner, chairman and CEO of Powa Technologies. "With the introduction of PowaPOS, we now have the in-store pillar of our Commercial Freedom technology suite."

PowaPOS solutions have been fine-tuned for sale by retail banks, payment service providers, third-party processors, mobile network operators and systems integrators, enabling them to provide mobile and tablet-based POS services to their customers through an array of products and services:

PowaPOS T-Series, the first POS platform that integrates all major tablet platforms, with a high-speed printer, 2D barcode/QR code scanner, cash drawer, EMV payment terminal and multiple expansion ports, together in an attractive, all-in-one space saving form-factor
PowaPIN, the world's smallest EMV chip-and-pin acceptance device designed for next generation mobile payment applications
PowaPOS SDK, which provides universal smartphone and tablet OS support, a single API for simple integration; and seamless integration with PowaTag, promising a more contextually relevant interaction between merchants and consumers
PowaPOS Server, a comprehensive enterprise payment system and management tool designed to enable these next generation POS devices, and
The PowaPOS Developer Program provides advanced tools and support infrastructure to simplify integration with PowaPOS products and services.
"The PowaPOS platform is a ground-up redefinition of how POS and payments should be delivered today," said Jeffrey C. Dumbrell, CEO, PowaPOS. "Now, thousands of developers have the tools to integrate secure smart card-based payments into their advanced cloud-based applications."

Dumbrell continued, "Reaction to our solution has proven the demand is there, as we have already established partnerships on every continent with providers now ready to deliver this technology to merchants around the globe."

At TRANSACT 14, PowaPOS also announced key partnerships with three industry-leading payments companies, based around the globe. These partners commented:

"As the highest volume independent distributor in North America, we see the trends as they are happening in the POS payments space," said Scott Rutledge, CEO, US-based The Phoenix Group. "Tablet POS is already my fastest growing segment and we expect PowaPOS to further accelerate sales in this rapidly growing segment.

Mr. Rutledge continued, "With millions of point of sale terminals in the US that need to be converted to chip-and-pin, EMV conversion will be a key industry initiative in the United States over the next several years. This is the first tablet POS platform where it has been built in from the start."

"The T-Series elevates tablet based POS systems to 'ready for prime time' status," said Shaun Burger, SVP of Belgium-based Worldline, an Atos company. "With its end-to-end solution and smart design, we are excited to bring PowaPOS to our payment and retail distribution channel partners around the globe."

David Russell, sales director for UK-based Secure Retail, added, "With the unique design of the PowaPOS T-Series, it gives Secure Retail a real opportunity to take the UK by storm and capitalize on the emerging tablet-based POS market. The flexible multi-platform solution, along with a user-friendly SDK, will give our customers and partners a fantastic product choice and speed to market to deliver a market leading solution to the retail and hospitality industries." 

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