Diebold unveils 'world's greenest' ATM

Source: Diebold

The same amount of power required to run a traditional incandescent light bulb can power the Diebold 429 automated teller machine (ATM). And you may even have some energy left over. The world's first intelligent-powered ATM, created by Diebold, Incorporated (DBD), is also the world's greenest and most power efficient.

Currently available in the Indian market, the Diebold 429 ATM can operate on as little as 70 watts of power, consuming up to 40 percent less energy than other models. With these savings, a bank operating a fleet of 2,000 Diebold 429 ATMs could save enough energy annually to power more than 1,200 Indian households.

The Diebold 429 offers a solution for financial institutions to better serve people living in areas with limited power. In India for example, approximately 40 percent of the country's population is underbanked. The country faces inconsistent power availability in many rural areas, which renders most ATMs inactive during outages. Diebold was the industry's only global ATM provider with the ability to deliver a workable solution that met India's uninterruptible power supply requirements. Diebold is delivering 2,100 Diebold 429 ATMs for India's Bank of Baroda (BoB), making it possible for BoB to expand self-service options to locations - and consumers - it could not previously reach.

The Diebold 429 is equipped with a smart power management system that continuously monitors the total power needed to operate and perform transactions. The system automatically chooses which power source to draw from - either the internal battery or alternating current (AC) power grid - ensuring that the unit does not exceed 100 watts of power usage. To further reduce power consumption from the energy grid, the terminal can use solar power as a third power source.

Additionally, the Diebold 429 features a unique dispenser control technology that works in tandem with the smart power system to enable all of the modules within the ATM to operate with minimal power requirements. For example, the modules in a typical ATM operate at 48 volts of power to dispense notes at a standard rate. With the Diebold 429, all of the modules operate at 24 volts of power while still dispensing notes at the same rate. This design also reduces the need d for power cooling fans.

This means that if there were 2 million ATMs in the world with an average energy consumption of 135 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per month, switching just 1 million of the world's ATMs to Diebold 429 ATMs would reduce the global ATM energy consumption by more than 1 billion kWh annually. This translates to a reduction of approximately 914,393 metric tons of carbon emissions, which is equivalent to the carbon emissions from more than 100 million gallons of gasoline.

"Offering a variety of power options maximizes terminal uptime and delivers convenience to consumers," said Frank A. Natoli, Jr., executive vice president and chief innovation officer, Diebold. "The low power consumption of the Diebold 429 ATM is unprecedented across the globe. This ATM demonstrates Diebold's ability to respond to the unique challenges of our customers with an innovative solution. The 429 will serve as a platform for power consumption and energy conservation in our future ATM designs, enabling more opportunities to incorporate optional solar panels and backup batteries."

Development of the world's greenest ATM aligns with Diebold's global environmental commitment to reduce waste, prevent pollution, promote recycling and conserve resources. Among Diebold's sustainability initiatives are complete end-of-life disposal services for ATMs and other products, which ensure all components are discarded in an environmentally sound way. The Diebold 429 has been tested and certified by the Central Power Research Institute of India. 

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