Chirpify launches #Actiontags for TV

Source: Chirpify

Chirpify, which activates hashtags to connect consumers with their favorite brands, today introduced #Actiontags for TV.

With #Actiontags for TV, consumers can now post to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using the "activated hashtags" they see on TV to instantly purchase products or respond to campaigns. For example, people who tweet #testdrive in response to a new car ad they saw on TV could be contacted instantly to schedule a test drive time. For brands, #Actiontags for TV creates new conversion and purchase opportunities directly from their brand advertising.

"We've added a 'yes' button to traditional media. Never before has TV been activated as a two-way form of communication where consumers can respond immediately and get something in return, based on a hashtag they saw on TV," said Chirpify CEO Chris Teso. "By using hashtags as the glue to connect traditional and social media, suddenly consumers can digitally raise their hand and start a direct customer relationship with a brand they value."

Also today, Chirpify reported that from November 2013 to January 2014, more than 300,000 social consumers have used Chirpify #actiontags to purchase or sample products, enter a promotion, or access premium content. These #actiontag campaigns were conducted by retail and consumer brands such as adidas, AT&T, Forever 21, Lenovo, Sprint and TaylorMade.

"Chirpify enables adidas to engage our customers in fundamentally new ways, leveraging social media as the point of conversion," said Jeremy Darlow, Senior Brand and Marketing Manager at adidas. "They've allowed us to drive more value -- and revenue -- from our brand marketing efforts."

Chirpify has gained unique cross-channel marketing insights as marketers adopt #actiontags, and is now sharing some emerging statistics behind their use:

1. #Actiontags Work for TV
A recent brand campaign featured Chirpify's #actiontags in a prime-time TV commercial, offering customers first access to a new product. That campaign drove up to 5000 tweets per hour for the #actiontag -- catapulting the campaign to become a nationally-trending Twitter topic, and creating instant momentum for the company's new product launch.

2. #Actiontags Accelerate Earned Media and Followers
Because consumers "amplify" a brand's message when they respond via #actiontag, Chirpify is able to create and track unique earned media effects. In just 90 days, #actiontags drove 50 million earned media impressions, and reached more than 25 million social accounts. During one Chirpify campaign, a brand added 20,000 Twitter followers (a 10 percent increase) in under a week.

3. High Conversion Rates from Action-to-Acquisition
A critical success factor for activated media is the conversion rate from a consumer using the #actiontag to completing the purchase or action. Chirpify is regularly seeing 65 percent of consumers who use an #actiontag go on to complete the conversion action -- whether that's purchasing a product or participating in a promotion.

4. Mobile is the Favorite for Hashtag Conversion
Consumers are primarily using their mobile phones and tablets to respond to the #actiontags they encounter. More than 60 percent of these #actiontag responses have been via mobile devices, with well over half (65 percent) coming from iOS devices and 34 percent from Android.

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