Oberthur puts Fido on the SIM; showcases voice biometrics on the mobile

Source: Oberthur

Oberthur Technologies, a world leader in digital security solutions for the mobility space, will demonstrate two innovations during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona: the first worldwide implementation of FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) authentication in a SIM, and a voice biometry authentication, both allowing a more convenient and secure mobile user experience.

Accessing Cloud services requires users to authenticate themselves, using multiple passwords or PIN codes, which are neither secure, nor user-friendly. The FIDO Alliance has developed open standards specifications to both simplify authentication and simultaneously improve security and ensure user privacy. The use of the SIM card, the universal hardware element present in all mobile phones, ensures a highest level of security. The FIDO customer experience will be demonstrated on the OT booth, Hall 6 Stand 6I28.

Based on biometrics, "My Voice is My Password" solution is a second demonstration of "convenient security". It can replace any authentication mechanism, making the customer experience easier and more secure. The speaker is recognised thanks to his voice, which is inherently unique. The biometrics data and software are safe thanks to the use of the only trustworthy element in a mobile phone: a secure element.

OT is biometric technology agnostic. Voice recognition is one of the simplest biometrics technologies as it does not require a specific sensor (only a microphone). Furthermore, it is revocable (by changing the passphrase), includes anti-spoofing technologies. "My Voice is My Password" had been developed in partnership with AGNITiO, a market leader in voice biometrics for the government and commercial markets.

The solution has been recognised by the Industry with a Sesames Award at Cartes 2013 amongst 320 proposals coming from 85 companies, from 30 different countries across five continents. Furthermore, at CES 2014, the world's largest consumer electronics show, AGNITiO Voice iD was presented with an Envisioneering Innovation & Design Award.

"The collaboration among FIDO Alliance board member Oberthur Technologies and founding members demonstrates the innovation open FIDO authentication is spawning and presages the value when strong authentication methods interoperate," said Michael Barrett, president of the FIDO Alliance.

"FIDO authentication in the SIM and My Voice is My Password are concrete examples of how OT invents new services that ease the life of the end user. As a leader in digital security solutions for the mobility space, OT also guarantees security, privacy of the data" said Mike Bell, Senior Vice President North America of the Telecom Business Unit at OT.

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