Siebel Systems CRM package integrated with Eontec teller system


Siebel Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq:SEBL), a leading provider of business applications software, today announced a global partnership to combine Siebel Systems' market-leading customer relationship management (CRM) solution and Eontec's multichannel customer banking suite. The Siebel-Eontec solution will provide retail banks with a single view of both transaction and customer information across all distribution channels, improving the customer experience by enabling faster and more personalized service.

"Eontec is a recognized leader in multichannel transactional banking solutions," said David Schmaier, Executive Vice President, Siebel Systems. "Siebel Systems' comprehensive range of CRM functionality, combined with Eontec's banking solutions, creates a complete solution offering rich functionality that not only helps institutions optimize their customer relationships, but also enables them to increase cross-selling and up-selling of profitable products and services."

The joint solution integrates Siebel Finance and the Eontec multichannel customer banking suite, including Eontec Branch Teller and Eontec Internet Banking. Working together, the Siebel-Eontec solution will assist organizations in maximizing profitability and increasing retention of customers by providing a single interface for service requests, contact management, product and service offers, referrals, and transactions.

"We have standardized on Siebel Finance, providing more than 4,000 employees access to real-time, comprehensive customer information across multiple channels, including the call center and 114 Zurich branches," said Ursula Zweidler, Project Portfolio Manager and Siebel Systems Owner, Zurich Cantonal Bank. "A solution combining customer information with transactional capabilities would enable our employees to continue to provide personalized service while resolving customer inquiries even more quickly and effectively."

Eontec Branch Teller is a fast, end-to-end teller processing, fulfillment, and customer service solution with a comprehensive range of functionality including features such as centralized electronic journal and cash management. The Eontec Internet Banking application enables banks to take online banking to the next level of functionality and move rapidly to highly scalable and personalized Internet banking. The functionality within Eontec applications is shared across multiple channels achieving high delivery speed and enhanced return on investment (ROI).

Siebel Finance, a solution for branch platform sales and service, supplies bank branches the tools needed to increase branch profitability while providing personalized customer service. Siebel Finance enables branch personnel to increase cross-selling and up-selling by automatically notifying tellers of the complementary products and services that meet each customer's needs. Also, the solution includes a referral capture tool that records potential customer needs and passes that information on to other bank personnel for future follow-up.

"Retail banks are striving to provide personalized customer interactions through the bank branch, during which branch employees can make targeted offers of additional products and services, or simply to acknowledge the customer's past service experiences," said Jerry Silva, Senior Analyst with leading research and consulting firm, TowerGroup. "A single solution that combines transactional and customer management capabilities will enable branches to optimize the value of each customer visit, increasing revenue and customer retention."

"Eontec and Siebel Systems share a common vision -- providing a solution that combines customer and transactional information to help banks increase revenue while providing excellent customer service," said Patrick Brazel, CEO, Eontec. "The timing of this partnership could not be better, especially in the U.S. market where new regulation and aging branch systems demand a superior solution that, at a minimum, provides a complete view of the customer. By enabling banks to better manage customer interactions across all channels, we help them not only become more efficient and effective, but also more profitable."

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