OneMarketData boosts OneQuantData repository through WSH deal

Source: OneMarketData

OneMarketData, LLC, a leader in tick data management and analytics, today announced that it has entered into a partnership with Wall Street Horizon (WSH), a Woburn, MA-based data provider in order to enhance its historical reference and pricing data repository, OneQuantData, using WSH's Single-Stock Events Calendar Data.

Launched in 2011,OneQuantData is a comprehensive repository of historical reference and pricing data designed specifically for the global equities market. The fully integrated solution harnesses the power of OneTick®, the market-leading stream-based processing and tick data management solution. The agile, intuitive platform delivers fast access to multiple data types, including company and product information, corporate actions, earnings, daily prices and trading volumes, and allows quants to spend their time analyzing data rather than processing and maintaining symbol relationships and adjustments.

WSH's Events Calendar Data is one of a number of new products on the OneQuantData platform. WSH's feeds span historical, announced, forecasted and as-reported data on single-stock events. Time-stamped events history integrated into the OneQuantData platform includes earnings date confirmations, archived earnings calendars, earnings release actuals, and dividend announcementsfor 5,000 companies traded in North America.

"Quants continue to seek rich data sources that can drive better investment decisions. Corporate events, and announcements ahead of the events, can have a significant impact on strategies,'" according to Barry L. Star, Managing Director at Wall Street Horizon. "The declaration of a dividend or confirmation of an upcoming earningsdate as well as the actual release of earnings, or the declaration as well as payment of a dividend, all present opportunities to trade on or step away from volatility. We're pleased to bring accurate and detailed event-driven data to the OneQuantData platform."

"The addition of time-stamped historical events data with the accuracy that Wall Street Horizon is known forwill offer clients valuable new insight into the events that shape market action," said Leonid Frants, President and Founder of OneMarketData. "OneQuantData will continue to aggregate and normalize data sets which are critical for strategegy development and back testing."

OneQuantData incorporates multiple data feeds from a variety of sources, which are combined, cleansed and normalized to produce a single consolidated database. Daily updates are managed by OneMarketData, as are tasks involved with maintaining product master data, including assigning ID numbers to new products, linking symbol changes and applying corrections when needed. OneQuantData is delivered as a series of ready to use OneTick Accelerator Databases and is available for purchase today. 

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