Traders manage market mire with 4S.Everglades


Automated trading strategists can now plot their course through the mire of the markets with unparalleled control and flexibility using 4S Everglades™.

4th Story, LLC, a premier provider of software that quickly identifies and manages trading opportunities for broker-dealers and institutional investors, announced the general release of 4S.Everglades, its platform for real-time operation of automated trading strategies.

4S.Everglades helps sophisticated models traverse the critical "last mile" to live automated trading. It gives hands-on traders and brokers the tools to control and handle arbitrarily complex trading strategies for themselves or their clients.

"We've had tremendous interest from traders that, until now, haven't found a commercial platform capable of executing their ideas," noted Steven Smith, Chief Executive Officer of 4th Story. "We are already working with money managers and brokers trading equities, futures and FX."

The product is asset-class agnostic and features full real-time visibility into a strategy's drivers, decision making process and output. It includes FIX connectivity, a full set of blotters, compliance checking, P&L reporting and sophisticated task scheduling capabilities, allowing tremendous flexibility in automating a strategy's operational flow. 4S.Everglades' strategies, market data sources and external connectivity, including choice of FIX engines, are pluggable, facilitating integration with internal systems and/or third parties.

As part of the 4th Story product suite, 4S.Everglades can seamlessly run strategies that have been tested and optimized with the 4S.Yellowstone™ trading strategy platform or execute pairs identified with the 4S.Klondike™ pairs data mining tool.

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