SAB targets Turkey through Yaz Bilgi Sistemleri deal

Source: SAB

Yaz Bilgi Sistemleri (YAZ), a leading local provider of development services in banking technology in Turkey, is partnering with SAB to implement and support the SAB AT solution to Turkish banks.

SAB, Global French core banking leader, develops, implements and supports its universal banking solution SAB AT in Europe, Africa, Middle East, Pacific's and Asia.

YAZ and SAB have reached a business partnership that allows Turkish banks to benefit from the SAB AT solution offered by SAB and the expertise of YAZ in the Turkish market. Thus, the SAB AT solution is fully adapted to the needs of banks in Turkey and its economic and linguistic environment. For example, SAB AT is already translated into Turkish and incorporates local regulatory requirements.

An agreement for the first bank has been signed recently and would go live next year.

"This agreement will let us prove that, a product with the strength of global experience, together with our strong experience in local Banking Software implementation, will be a good choice for regional Banks", says Osman Serit, General Manager of YAZ.

By combining SAB global expertise, products and services with YAZ agility for implementation and support, the alliance will accelerate the expansion in Turkey. "In addition to many benefits for both SAB and YAZ, this agreement allows us to cover more efficiently Turkey and the surrounding region", says Naji Moukadam, Managing Director of SAB International.

"Together, we are very complementary and we will build competitive advantage to develop a local footprint." 

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