Transcapitalbank deploys Diasoft Flextera BI

Source: Diasoft

Diasoft, a global provider of cutting-edge software solutions for financial institutions, announced that its innovative Flextera BI "CBR Reporting" has been implemented in Transcapitalbank to support the bank's extensive development strategy.

Diasoft has finalized the automation of Transcapitalbank CBR Reporting based on FLEXTERA BI. As a result, all of the 8 reporting forms, including 0409110, 0400115, 0409117, 0409118, 0409125, 0409128, 0409402, 0409808, registry of depositors 1471-Y and calculation of codes 8808 and 8813, 8821, 8831, 8833 were launched in production,.

The active phase of FLEXTERA BI "CBR Reporting" implementation started a year ago. Requirements analysis, setting of ETL and rules of data quality control - appeared to be the most time-consuming stages of the project implementation. The high quality of system analysis and settings at the first stage of the project ensure rapid go-live of new reporting forms.

In order to obtain reliable information it was necessary to ensure the quality of source data and eliminate any parameters distortion during the process of calculation. To achieve this goal there were configured more than 20 rules of data quality control at all stages of the process: starting from the data loading up to aggregates calculation. Moreover the system provides the control among forms 0409101, 0409115 and consolidated aggregate "Assets by terms".

Transcapitalbank is a multi-branch financial institution with complex business processes. It is extremely important to automate the process of reporting in addition to calculation of reporting indicators. Employees of each of 18 branches have already evaluated the capabilities of new system: they are involved into the process of tasks execution assigned by the system based on settings; the management can monitor milestones of the process, correct tasks and their progress.

The implementation of FLEXTERA BI allowed Transcapitalbank to consolidate reporting in all of its 18 branches, make the process more convenient and unified for all employees of the bank. Moreover, all assets of the bank are now represented in a single aggregate report - "Assets registry", that allowed for less time-consuming and more operative implementation of CBR Reporting tools.

We were able to achieve such a result only by combination of experienced and professional specialists of Diasoft and Transcapitalbank teams, our close and effective collaboration, and trusted relationship. We are now on the next stage of the project, preparing to launch in production some more reporting forms. 

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