Quantum Capital Management goes live with Indata iPM

Source: Indata

Indata, a leading industry provider of software and services for buy-side firms, including trade order management (OMS), compliance, portfolio accounting and front-to-back office, today announced that Quantum Capital Management, based in San Francisco, CA, is now live with Indata's iPM - Intelligent Portfolio Management platform.

Due to rapidly growing institutional business, Quantum Capital Management enhanced their technology infrastructure to accommodate the strict needs of institutions and provide a competitive edge. After conducting due diligence on a number of systems, Quantum Capital Management selected iPM based on an analysis of several factors including the platform's advanced technology, cloud-based deployment option, trading functionality and sophisticated compliance engine along with multi-strategy modeling and overlay management.

"The iPM system provides a competitive technology package that combines the most sought-after industry features and functionality, especially in the area of compliance. iPM Compliance allows us to really customize our compliance rules throughout the different levels of the trading process. We can then leverage this to set our firm apart and grow our institutional business," commented Stephen Bradley Jr., Director, Quantum Capital Management.

iPM Compliance proactively monitors pre-trade, live pending-trades and post-trade compliance as well as operational compliance issues in real-time and automatically alerts officers when an issue requires additional attention. iPM compliance also provides sophisticated data management capabilities to ensure accurate and timely data. Guided Workflow, a key component of iPM Compliance, allows firms to document and track operational procedures for compliance, trading, and back office events. iPM Compliance also provides expanded capabilities for custom rule creation with the ability to back-test rules.

"Firms like Quantum Capital understand that acquiring best-of-class compliance technology is not only key to keeping up with changing regulatory regimes, but also to growing their business. We are pleased to have them as a new client," commented David J. Csiki, Managing Director, INDATA. 

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