Eagle Alpha launches Web-sentiment service for buy-side

Source: Eagle Alpha

The buy-side can now access global macroeconomic investment intelligence derived from online sources, thanks to a new product launched by Eagle Alpha.

The service, developed based on feedback from hedge funds and long-only funds, provides a unique way to access online data that influence macroeconomic trends. It adds to the buy-side's alpha generation tool kit, as the opportunity to tap into new long-term investment data online continues to grow.

Eagle Alpha's Global Macro product provides buy-side firms with investment intelligence from the entire online world. Topics analysed include MENA politics, Indian economic headwinds, the EU recovery, as well as key Chinese and U.S economic indicators such as employment levels. The service recently analysed more than 250 pieces of commentary around Non-Farm Payrolls (NFP), one of the most influential long-term economic barometers of U.S employment.

Users can also request specific themes for Eagle Alpha to track, with a fund recently requesting a research note on the Ghanaian economy. The report highlighted how, despite the discovery of large offshore oil deposits, Ghana still faces a budget deficit and high public sector wage costs. Such information supports and enhances long-term investment decisions in a fully compliant manner.

In addition, this is the first product to translate and analyse data from two Chinese microblogging sites similar to Twitter, Sina Weibo and Tencent Weibo. The 'Weibo Weekly' service provides a summary of most important issues facing the Chinese economy. For example, a note last week included insights around how the Government relaxing its one child per family policy could affect China's property business.

The service is delivered through a multiplicity of technologies, reviewed, refined and enhanced by local trading and investment experts. The human element of the service includes a team of research analysts who enrich web content by tagging more than 150 topics relevant to equities, currencies, bonds and other broad economic trends, enabling investors to identify and act upon the most important developments.

Emmett Kilduff, CEO of Eagle Alpha, said: "From wide ranging data relating to inflation, exchange rates, and other economic and financial indicators, the Global Macro product provides buy-side participants with the ability to filter the credible online economic data from general online noise to make smarter long-term investment decisions."

Kilduff went onto say: "Under increasing pressure to deliver returns, and with the volume of information continuing to expand across multiple online sources, fund managers can ill afford to ignore the potential of the web for accessing fresh insights. By piecing together relevant online content and analysing it in the wider context of macro developments, the Global Macro product enables buy-side firms to unlock new investment intelligence compliantly and efficiently."

The Global Macro product, which also supplies a daily macro news round-up to investors, is just one of a number of solutions provided by Eagle Alpha. The firm's Social Sonar product, launched last month, provides a compliant way to access market relevant tweets. 

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