Allianz automates medical insurance processes using Diasoft tech

Source: Diasoft

Diasoft, a leading provider of software solutions for the global financial industry, has successfully automated key voluntary medical insurance processes across head office and all regional branches of Allianz.

In July 2013 all regional branches of Allianz moved on a new Voluntary Medical Insurance (VMI) IT system from Diasoft.

Diasoft Insurance, Medical, one of the most advanced IT systems for the automation of Medical Insurance, was implemented in Moscow head office of Allianz and in operational center in Voronezh in summer 2012, and in July 2013 all the branches of insurance company moved to Diasoft's solution. Currently, regional employees of 63 medical assistance departments operate in a single system with uniform standards and in a single information environment.

With the help of Diasoft experts Allianz automated its key VMI operational processes, including registration of contracts with customers and medical settings, printing of policies, claims handling, medical expertise, and supervisory console operations.

Diasoft Insurance, Medical, allows the company to reduce time spent on management of insurance documents, improve the quality of underwriting, administration of contracts, provision of medical assistance, and, as a result, the overall level of servicing.

"VMI servicing of regional customers is one of the key competitive advantages of our company. The high level of medical assistance in regions is necessary for federal clients with the wide branch network, as well as for the local customers. Implementation of a single informational VMI system not only allows us to support the high quality of servicing, it provides the opportunity to improve our processes and ensures the operations based on a uniform standards across all regions", - said Dmitry Popov, Deputy CEO, Director, Voluntary Medical Insurance, Allianz.

Alexander Budnik, VP, Director of Insurance Department, Diasoft, commented on the importance of this project: "We are proud that our collaboration allows for successful business development of the leading insurance companies. It, first of all, demonstrates the high level of quality and competitive position of Diassoft's solutions". 

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