Aconite announces EMV Applet Provisioning onto NFC Mobiles

Source: Aconite

Aconite, the leading provider of EMV transaction processing and chip card issuing solutions, is proud to announce that a solution enabling the real-time provisioning of EMV applets onto NFC-enabled mobile phones has been implemented at International Card Services (ICS), the largest credit card issuing business in the Netherlands.

ICS is already a customer for Aconite's Affina® Enterprise smart card lifecycle management system for issuing and maintaining their extensive cardbase of MasterCard and Visa credit cards. As a part of this program, Aconite have enhanced Affina Enterprise to allow ICS to generate mobile EMV applet data and to deliver it in real-time to NFC handsets via a TSM service. The solution has the advantage of enabling ICS to manage both card and mobile issuance from a single system.

"We are very pleased with the successful implementation in this complex project," said Patrick Regester, Aconite's EVP for Sales and Marketing. "Mobile payments is still a new and exciting area for innovation and we are pleased to have deployed our latest technology to support ICS."

"We have already implemented Aconite solutions for EMV transaction processing and card issuance, so we saw this as a natural extension of their existing systems.", Nico Lodewijk, Corporate Director Demand & ICT, of ICS said. "By implementing the enhancement to Aconite's existing smart card lifecycle management system we have reduced the complexity of the project and simplified the introduction of NFC-based mobile payment to our customers. We are very pleased with the success of this partnership approach to innovation."

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