ITG launches algo platform in Canada

Source: ITG

ITG (ITG), a leading execution and research broker, today announced the Canadian launch of ITG Algorithms® Prism, a powerful web-based tool offering clients comprehensive transparency into the behaviour of ITG Algorithms.

Algo Prism provides up-to-the-second visibility into the activity of each algorithm, such as the predicted and realized schedules, fill details, and even the location, type and price of every open child order.

"We are excited to introduce Algorithms Prism to the Canadian market," said Earl Cummings , Director, Head of Liquidity Management at ITG. "This real-time tool provides users with a view into the ITG algorithms that are being used to work their orders at any given time during the trading process. This unparalleled visibility enables traders to adjust orders at multiple points and further tune their algorithm trading."

The Algo Prism tool provides traders with an online window into ITG's algorithms and routers, making every decision visible as it is made. Traders can view:

Detailed order plan and any deviations
Real-time child order venue, price limit, minimum quantity and order type
Average fill prices by market centre and order type
Estimated order finish time

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