Sapient launches end-of-day reporting service

Source: Sapient Global Markets

Sapient Global Markets, a division of Sapient (NASDAQ: SAPE), today announced the launch of its Close of Business Service (CoBS).

CoBS is a fully managed end-of-day reporting service for capital and commodity markets firms which will reduce end-of-day reporting costs while improving overall risk control and profit predictability.

Sapient Global Markets' CoBS offering empowers trading firms by offering an automated, standardized reporting solution to manage all operational activities required for close of business reporting. CoBS also provides clients with real-time dashboards that provide visibility into all aspect of the operations process. Greater visibility and automation not only provide more control around the reporting process, they facilitate higher scalability and enable firms to reallocate capital investment into their core business.

"The industry is demanding smarter ways to achieve greater business efficiency," said Arun Karur, vice president and head of commodities at Sapient Global Markets. "Our CoBS offering addresses that demand with a value proposition that is simple, yet powerful. Our clients are able to hand their daily transaction book to us, and we hand it back to them the next morning, with the data collection, analysis, and reporting complete and ready to go. Clients are able to achieve higher predictability, smarter processing, and reduced overall risk while capitalizing on the specialized expertise, lower cost, and higher scalability benefits that a managed service can provide."

Increasingly, firms are seeking new ways to reduce operational complexity and cost without compromising business performance. This drive has prompted companies to seek outsourced, shared, and managed solutions for areas of their businesses that have historically been handled in-house.

End-of-day transaction reporting is an example of a business process that is not considered a competitive advantage and hence capital and commodity markets firms are increasingly looking to outsource this function. Sapient's Close of Business Service (CoBS) offering was developed to address this growing market demand.

Sapient's CoBS offering is a combination of software, services, and business process intelligence that standardizes and streamlines the end-of-day transaction reporting process for market participants. The service ensures all business transaction information—including P&L, position, mark-to-market, and cash flow data—from across every trading location has been correctly gathered and processed for end-of-day reports.

From opportunity assessment and service design through to execution services, systems health monitoring, and issues management, CoBS enables firms to leverage a complete end-of-day reporting service that lowers total cost of ownership while improving business process through standardization, automation, and business process expertise.

Sapient's CoBS offering manages all of the activities required for close of business processing, including:

• Automation and standardization of reporting through a real-time dashboard
• Structured incident and problem management
• System and business process monitoring
• Business intelligence through data analysis and market expertise
• Execution of business services including data validation and reconciliation
• Active management of attrition risk and knowledge management
• Round-the-clock service for all time zones and geographies 

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