IND Group launches 'Essence' mobile banking app

Source: IND Group

IND Group has launched its state-of-the-art, revolutionary mobile banking app, Essence.

Focusing on the most frequent mobile banking activities - balance enquiry, transaction history and money transfer - Essence enables fast and easy transactions via mobile anytime, anywhere. Combining easy-to-use functions, manageability, relevancy and user-friendly surfaces, Essence allows individuals to go about their daily banking tasks in a quick and simple manner. The app was awarded at Finovate Asia 2013.

With almost 1 billion devices globally smartphones are changing how people manage their finances. Understanding these special consumer needs IND Group, the leading provider of digital banking solutions, created a fast and easy mobile banking app that provides an exceptional customer experience.

Banking industry is under more pressure than ever before. The digital revolution has changed the relationship between banks and their customers. Dominance of smart-phones has increased the importance of the mobile channel and created a demand for better mobile banking services. The modern customer demands multiple digital channels, along with cohesive and flexible service. Banks can do more in the digital space and get closer to their customers by engaging them and helping them manage and understand their finances.

Smartphones have many special features and banks need to understand what customers need for their devices (24/7, small screen, on-the-go, one finger usage, etc.) and learn from players like Facebook, Tinder, etc. how to serve people on mobile as those firms are masters of excellent user experience. Recognising these unique requirements IND Group presents a best-in-class Mobile Banking App - Essence that helps people get connected with their finances in a very easy and intuitive way.

Through Essence data transfer is minimized and in accordance with the high security standards of banks. The next generation front-end banking app offers an effective and relevant communication platform between banks and their customers and provides an exceptional customer experience. Essence was launched in Finovate Asia 2013 where the 7-minute demo introducing the app was voted Best-of-Show by the audience.

With Essence financial institutions can provide first class service for their customers on the go. The award winning app is built around the customer and their most used mobile banking functions. IND Group's mobile banking app provides an exceptional customer experience that exceeds users' expectations.

Essence represents the latest in innovative mobile banking design. To ensure simplicity the user only needs to approve a pre-filled payment template with one tap and they receive reminders as push messages on the go to avoid missing payments. Keeping in mind the high security needs of banking, IND Group focused on minimizing data transfer so that only non-sensitive data is stored on the mobile and when transmission is required all sensitive data is encrypted.

To guarantee an excellent user experience, the user ID and password are asked only once as later a four digit PIN or a screen lock pattern is required. Manageability and relevancy are closely intertwined as screens can be browsed in a form of cards. You can choose the relevant information with a single swipe. Want to check your account details? Just tap a card and it turns around showing the requested data. You can add photos to your transactions and link your FB contacts to your bank account to transfer money easily based on photos instead of remembering 24 digits. Corner stones of Essence's exceptional user experience are its smooth navigation without waiting for pages to download, clear user interface, simplified functions and attractive design.

Essence mobile banking offers more than just transactional banking: banks can keep their customers informed about new offers, rates and services, effectively turning the mobile banking channel into a real-time communication and sales platform. Essence takes customer service to a new level, increasing customer loyalty and acquisition.

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