Web interface to global LEI system launched

Source: OpenCorporates

Today, OpenCorporates, the largest open database of companies in the world, launches OpenLEIs.com, a powerful but easy-to-use interface on the new Global Legal Entity Identifier System for financial markets, the first of its kind in the world.

OpenLEIs.com provides users with a free and intuitive way to find, understand and get data about entities registered on the LEI system, which is expected to become the default identifier for financial market participants in G20 countries.

The new site provides:
• Ability to search all 110,000 LEIs by name, by close matches to name, or by address;
• Ability to filter by company type, country and registering organisation, allowing deep and powerful browsing (e.g. show me the LLCs based in Puerto Rico);
• Persistent URLs based on the LEI, allowing permanent reference points;
• Ability to access each record as open data, either as XML or JSON;
• Enhancements to the LEI data, including links to OpenCorporates and inferred jurisdictions;

By launching OpenLEIs.com, OpenCorporates is catering both to those that are new to the LEI system, making it trivial to use, and for experts who need to find or verify data, or need to integrate the data in their systems. It also helps users and registrants alike surface data quality issues, reducing, for example, the chance that duplicate LEIs will be registered for the same legal entity.

Chris Taggart, OpenCorporates' CEO & Co-Founder, said, "OpenLEIs.com is a great step forward in the LEI system, significantly reducing the barriers to exploring and understanding the data, encouraging its use and reuse, and identifying problems, thus increasing data quality. Combining this data with OpenCorporates' expertise and breadth in open corporate data makes for a compelling product."

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