NCR wins Bank of China contract

Source: NCR

NCR Corporation (NCR) today announced that it has been awarded professional service contracts from Bank of China to develop new automated teller machine ("ATM") applications running on the bank's multivendor software platform, NCR APTRA Edge, to support the bank's initiative in implementing paperless ATM transaction flow and its Financial Integrated Circuit Card ("IC") 5.0 project.

The Bank of China's ATM network went live with the NCR APTRA Edge platform last year and most applications on its ATM network have completed the initial phase migration process to be compliant with EMV1 (PBOC 2.02) standards. As part of the project, NCR will provide software application development, system analysis, support services and related training programs.

Consolidating on a single software application enables financial institutions to project a consistent and rich consumer experience across their self-service networks, regardless of hardware manufacturer. In addition, a multivendor environment helps financial institutions streamline their development and support operations by not having to maintain and enhance multiple, separate delivery infrastructures for each new function or service that they offer. NCR is the world's largest supplier of multivendor ATM software.

In line with the new market demand for smart cards, Bank of China also is kicking off a Financial IC Card 5.0 project to enhance its IC card product features and business process. The project will be conducted in three phases to enable new features and capabilities such as chip-based, automatic top-up, transaction short messaging, new reporting format, as well as converging with new payment channels such as point-of-sale, mobile and internet terminals. NCR will carry out the related software upgrade and development to support this new project.

The ATM paperless transaction flow project aims to reduce operating costs and improve ATM service availability. The traditional ATM transaction journal printing in paper will be replaced by paperless, electronically generated transaction journals. The project will eliminate the maintenance cost of changing journal paper rolls as well as the cost of paper. ATM service availability can be increased without having to suspend the services whenever the machine is out of transaction journal paper.

"The newly signed contracts have proven that NCR APTRA Edge has offered Bank of China a truly stable and open platform for providing unlimited application development productivity, making their customers everyday transaction easier," said Gary Miao, president of NCR Greater China for financial services. "We are excited in winning the trust again from BOC for our professional services team's software skills and service expertise, which has reflected our success in executing our strategy in building our software and services capabilities in a fast growing market like China."

Apart from Bank of China, NCR also provides NCR APTRA Edge to Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC). 

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