Merchants' Choice Payment Solutions signs for Tranzlogic data-analytics platform

Source: Tranzlogic

Data analytics and technology firm Tranzlogic is excited to announce a partnership with Merchants' Choice Payment Solutions that will give over 50,000 merchants access to Tranzlogic's transactional data analytics platform.

The agreement provides the ISO partners of Merchants' Choice Payment Solutions the ability to offer advanced customer intelligence technology to their merchant clients that will change the way they do business and drive better decision-making.

Merchants' Choice Payment Solutions (MCPS) is a leading processing and servicing center for both ISOs and merchants alike. Their proprietary platform technology enables larger ISOs to board merchants on multiple platforms, while simultaneously allowing access to a variety of value-added business solutions. Now with Tranzlogic, the merchants, banks, and agents that rely on MCPS will utilize the proprietary technology that transforms transactional data into actionable insight.

"As part of our core strategy to provide our sales partners and their merchants with the most effective, growth-oriented products and services, we're delighted to announce our partnership with Tranzlogic," said Todd Linden, EVP and COO of Merchants' Choice Payment Solutions. "We truly feel that the evolving role of the successful acquirer includes better data analytics, which in turn, creates greater visibility for the ISO and allows them the opportunity to match appropriate value-added products on a merchant-specific basis. Mobile marketing, loyalty coalitions, and publisher offerings will all be driven more intelligently through this type of data offering. "

Using Tranzlogic's cutting-edge technology, merchants will be able to identify their best customers, determine where to find them, measure sales and campaign performance and make smarter pricing and inventory decisions. The streamlined merchant portal has customizable graphing, charting and mapping tools, as well as a single button that sends merchant data to a marketing consultant for a free consultation. The power behind these turn-key marketing solutions gives merchants new opportunities to grow their businesses.

"We are thrilled to be able to offer our powerful data analytics to the MCPS client base," said Charles Hogan, co-founder and CEO of Tranzlogic. "We are continually looking to partner with industry leaders like MCPS. By utilizing each other's strengths, we can provide real value and dramatically impact the bottom line for merchants everywhere."

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